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The Texas All Region / All-State Choir Process

Each fall, thousands of choral students across the state of Texas enter the All-State Choir audi:on process with hopes of  being  chosen as  one  of  the  260  singers  “still  standing” in February at  the TMEA All-State  Concert. As directors, we are  often  asked  what  it  takes  for  a  student  to  make  the  All-State  choir.  We  always  answer  the  following:  It  takes  a  special  combination of vocal maturity, musical maturity, desire, dedication, and hard work. The bottom line is commitment. The  students that make the choir are not those who enter with only ambitions of “winning” but those that understand the  benefits of auditioning and therefore commit to the process. These students find “victory” in their progress as a singer  and musician. The CHHS Panther Choir program has an established tradition of multiple students placing in the Texas All-State choir each year.  The individual skills (musical, and personal) gained from this process are  simply invaluable.   

For many students, the all-state process begins with aLendance at one or more of the All-State Choir camps offered by  universities  over  the  summer.  These  camps  offer  students  an  opportunity  to  learn  the  All-State  literature  in  a  group  environment.  Camps  provide  a  high  level  of  instruction  by  experienced  educators  and  a  variety  of  social/recreational  activities. Camps are 2-4 days in length and vary in price according to the university and housing.  Most camps conclude  with a “concert”  that is  recorded and open  to  the public.   Attendance at one of  these camps not only provides a huge  boost to the student in the all-state process but also enriches them with a wonderful musical experience.  There are a variety of camps being offered with both in-person and virtual options this summer.

Please see our recommended list of camps for more information. 

To simply learn and perform the All-State literature is a choral experience that many students may not have until college.  Thousands of students begin the process and only 260 make the choir. Attending an All-State camp is the best way  for  students to get a good start on the All-State process and the only way to guarantee that they will have the opportunity to  perform the literature with a choir.    

























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