2019-2020 Audition Information

We are thrilled that you want to be a part of the Colleyville Heritage Panther Choir.  We have many ensembles designed to fit the needs of all students interested in singing. Auditions are designed not to exclude students, but to place them in the appropriate developmental ensemble so that we can best encourage your continued musical development. Auditions are not required. You may enter the choir program by simply enrolling as all students interested in singing are allowed in the Panther Choirs with or without audition; however, any student without an audition will be placed in our Entry Level Choirs. 

Audition Instructions   



Required Steps to Audition

  1. Read the Information Below

  2. Record your Vocal Evaluation Video

  3. Complete the Audition Form (this form will ask you to upload your vocal evaluation and a photo of yourself)

  4. Complete your sight-reading audition (will be scheduled during choir). If you are not currently enrolled in choir please email Mr. Rinn for an appointment. 


Vocal Evaluation

Using the audio file available on this website, record a video of yourself singing the three exercises below with the audio track. Please keep in mind the following when recording the video:

  • The camera should be placed as close to eye level as possible so that it isn’t facing you at an angle

  • Stand with your best singing posture in the video

  • Stand far enough away that you are visible from the waist up for the recording

  • Before singing the exercises, say in a clear projected voice: “My name is __________________, I am in _______ grade and I am auditioning for __________________.” State your current grade and the highest level choir that you would like to be considered for (Panther Chorale, Concert Choir, or Choraliers)

  • With the audio file on this website sing the following the three exercises below. If the exercise is out of your range in some parts please sing when it is in your range and rest when it is not. It is okay for males to use falsetto in the upper range as needed. It isn’t expected that every singer will be able to sing the full range of the exercises. 























Sight-Reading Evaluation

There is a time limit for sight-reading and the exercise must remain secure, so this video must be made under the supervision of a director. There are three levels of sight-reading available. 

Level 1 - For admission into Choraliers (all incoming 9th graders)

Level 2 - For admission into Concert Choir (all current 9th graders / rising 10th graders)

Level 3 - For admission into Panther Chorale (any student interested in auditioning for Panther Chorale)

  1. Your sightreading audition must be done with a director present but will be recorded and stored so that the directors can review as needed.

  2. The recording will say “You may now look at your sight-reading exercise” and the tonic chord Do Mi So Mi Do So Do will be played followed by the first note of the exercise; turn over the exercise and study. You may sing, chant, and/or audiate during your study time. You may not play the melody on any device. You will have 30 seconds to study the melody.

  3. At the completion of the study period, the recording will say "please stop" at which time you will begin your video recording.  The tonic chord will be played again Do Mi Do Mi Do So Do followed by the first note of the exercise.  (you may sing with it)

  4. Sing the exercise using solfege and hand signs at a tempo of your choice. If you are unable to sing using solfege, you may use a neutral syllable of your choice, however, your knowledge of solfege will be considered in your audition.


If you encounter any problems or have questions, please contact Mr. Rinn or Mr. Gilliland. Auditions should be completed by May 5.





Exercise 1: Begins F Major and Ascends to Bb Major

Exercise 2: Begins Eb Major and Descends to G Major

Exercise 3: Begins D Major and Ascends to C Major

Audition Resources
Sightreading Practice
Ovation and Di Voce Jazz Choir Auditions

 Audition  for the Colleyville Heritage Ovation Jazz Choir and Di Voce Jazz Choir will take place on Wednesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 16 in the Choir room at CHHS. We welcome any student that will be enrolled in the CHHS Panther Choir Program during the 2019-2020 school year to audition for Jazz.


There will be two parts to your audition

1. Individual Auditions -  by appointment - Sign Up Here!

In this audition you should be prepared to do the following:

a. Perform a short excerpt (approximately 16 measures) of a jazz, pop, or musical theatre solo. This should be accompanied (not a cappella). You may use recorded accompaniment, or you may bring sheet music and we will provide live accompaniment. Recorded accompaniment should not have any lead vocals on it. Please indicate on your signup if you will need a live pianist

b. Sight-Reading: You will be given 30 seconds to study an advanced sight-reading exercise which you will then sing for the judges. Use the sample sight-reading practices for Chorale above and expect that there will be more advanced rhythms and intervals. 


Please see our website, www.chhspantherchoir.org and ask your choir directors if you have any questions concerning your audition. The CHHS Jazz Choirs have a strong tradition and requires an extra amount of commitment beyond the standard choir class. Students must be enrolled in both a choir class and the Jazz Choir class (7th period).