Greetings from the Booster Club Board!


The Panther Choir Booster Club exists to support the CHHS Panther Choirs, Choral Directors, school district administration, and policies.  Not only do we support music education for the students, but we also encourage parental understanding of the students' activities, opportunities, and choral objectives by securing closer communication among parents, students and choral staff.  We deeply appreciate music and promote music culture in the community by fostering concert attendance and public support of choir activities.  We also provide the means to render financial aid in areas not provided for in the Choral Department budget but are necessary for realizing the objectives of the CHHS choral program.  


The success of our choirs is highly dependent on dedicated and active choir booster parents. Thank you for joining the Panther Choir Booster Club and helping to support your student’s music education.  


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"I paid my $50 at registration.  Why is there an additional choir fee?" 

The $50 fee assessed through Skyward supplements the overall GCISD operating budget.  The Panther Choir receives a budget from the school district that covers approximately 35% of the total operating budget of the department (most sheet music, bus transportation, most competition fees are some examples).  The $55 choir fee assessed by the Booster Club helps to cover uniform maintenance/repair each year, needed equipment not covered by the school district, organizational events and tools, social events for the students, choir tee-shirts (required for out-of-school performances), festival and competition extras (like programs) for roughly 200 students and their families, and hospitality needs for department-wide events.  Choir Boosters also gives out scholarships toward the end of the school year each year.


"Why should I join Choir Boosters?

The Choir Booster organization is a vital element to the success of the choir program at Colleyville Heritage. The Booster Club supports the program through volunteer work and financially complements the district budget. Recent activities underwritten by the Boosters include the purchase of a new copy machine, supplementing competition fees for performances at the Meyerson Symphony Center, and hiring a professional orchestra for the presentation of the Haydn Lord Nelson Mass.  Finally, our major goal is to keep the program fun and the students motivated to keep singing.  We do this by supporting the various social functions throughout the year.  Please consider supporting your Choir Booster Club. 





Julie Van Buskirk

1st Vice President/President Elect
Chelly Beck

2nd Vice President/Fundraising
Rachael Abell

Jennifer Richard

Lynnette Hounchell

Assistant Treasurer
Michelle Eichelberger

Michelle Barron

Lauren Sparks

Lauren Hutto

Kathryn Phillips

Leesa Palmer

LeAnna Fox

Alyssa Olsen