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Panther Chorale

The state and nationally recognized Panther Chorale serves as the varsity ensemble for the choral department. Students in this ensemble perform varied repertoire at an advanced level. Membership is open primarily to students with previous choral experience in grades 10-12 with advanced tone production and sight-reading skills. As a member of the varsity ensemble, a higher level of commitment is expected of Chorale members. Extra responsibilities are outlined in the required varsity agreement and include periodic out of class rehearsal. Members of Chorale are highly encouraged to engage in activities to further develop their individual musical skills such as participation in the Texas All-State Choir process and Solo & Ensemble. 


Concert Choir 

Concert Choir  is an auditioned groups of primarily 10-12th grade students most of which have previous choral experience in the CHHS Panther Choirs, above average sight-reading skills, and an outstanding academic record. 

Students may perform as a mixed choir or individual treble and tenor bass choirs. Students are expected to maintain an exemplary academic record for participation in this ensemble. 

Applied Music

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir consist of no more than 24 students in grades 10-12. Concurrent enrollment in Chorale is required. The Chamber Choir focuses on advanced choral singing on performs on concerts, in the community, and competitively. Students are expected to be excellent musicians as well as examples of the values we strive to portray in the Choral Department. The Chamber Choir travels to San Antonio each year to compete in the prestigious Chamber and Madrigal Choir Festival. Regular attendance at rehearsal, consistent academic eligibility, and exceptional musicianship are all mandatory as a member of this ensemble.

Treble Choir / Tenor-Bass Choir

Divided into tenor-bass and treble ensembles, these choirs serve as the introductory ensembles for the CHHS Panther Choir. Students in these ensembles may perform both in a combined setting and in men’s and women’s choirs. Membership is open to any interested student at CHHS with a desire to grow as a singer and musician. 


1 Conference / MS (Daily)

2 Concert Choir 

5 Choraliers


3  Panther Chorale

6 Applied Music / Treble Choir

4 Beg Choir / Middle School

7 Ovation / Di Voce Jazz

8 Conference 
















Ovation and Di Voce Jazz Choirs are small ensembles of primarily sophomore through senior students that specialize in pop and jazz literature. These ensembles are active throughout the year with many community performances and present a Jazz Show each spring. Membership in jazz choirs require an audition and concurrent membership in a primary ensemble listed above. Students in jazz choir should expect substantial out of class rehearsal and performance commitments. 

Ovation & Di Voce Jazz Choirs  


Choraliers is an auditioned group of primarily 9th grade students most of which have previous choral experience, above average sight-reading skills, and an outstanding academic record. 

Students perform music of many genres and styles at an advanced level. Students are expected to maintain an exemplary academic record for participation in this ensemble. 

The Applied Music course is designed for advanced students to receive individual instruction, personal practice time, and etra enrichment opportunities. In the Fall the class focuses on preparation for All-State Auditions. For seniors looking to audition for music school time is spent researching audition requirements and preparing music for these auditions. In the Spring semester the course focuses on college auditions and specialized vocal solo contests.