Panther Choir Handbook


The Choir Handbook is designed to foster the success of the Colleyville Heritage Panther Choir, inform the students and their parents, and address questions and concerns that may arise throughout the school year. Answers to most questions concerning procedures in our department can be found here. We welcome you as part of our choir family and look forward to your involvement in our program.


Fall Parent Meeting 

We will hold our Fall Parent meeting virtually via WebEx on Thursday, August . 20 at 6pm. Join via THIS LINKThe meeting will be recorded if you are unable to attend live. 

Get Fit Day

Traditionally, the Panther Choir "Get Fit Day" is our official uniform fitting and form and fee turn in day. In effort to minimize large gatherings and avoid the sharing of uniforms and equipment, we will not issue formal uniforms. We are distributing CHHS Choir pull overs and t-shirts in our online learning packets which will be used as our uniform until it is safe to distribute formal uniforms.  Detailed information concerning the event will be sent electronically in advance . All required district forms and fees will be collected at this event.  To avoid congestion, each choir will be assigned a specific block of time, however exceptions can be made to allow for schedule conflicts. Both the student and a parent should attend Get Fit Day. Should there be a conflict that prohibits you from being fitted for your uniform on September 7, there will be someone available for fittings during Open House on Monday, September 9. 

Required Paperwork

All required paperwork can be found on our FORMS & LINKS page in the Resources Tab above. 

1. GCISD Extra-Curricular Pledge​​

The extra-currciular pledge is a GCISD School Board mandated form the requires students involved in extra-curricular activities to maintain a high level of professionalism and outlines consequences for not meeting these standards including suspension from or removal from the activity. ​

2. Field Trip Consent and Release

The Field Trip Consent and Release grants permission for the student to travel to GCISD approved choir related events throughout the school year. 

3. Field Trip Emergency Form

The Field Trip Emergency Form grants permission for the GCISD staff to seek medical attention for students while traveling off of campus. 

4. Handbook Contract

The handbook contract confirms your receipt and agreement to the policies in this online handbook and is required for participation in the Panther Choir Program. 

General Information

Membership in the CHHS Choral program is open to every student enrolled at Colleyville Heritage High School regardless of musical experience. All students are auditioned and placed in an appropriate choral ensemble for their level of musicianship. As a member of a team, students are expected to put the group before themselves and maintain the CHHS Choir Code of Conduct discussed later in this handbook. Participation in a music ensemble should be considered a privilege, not a right. Students who participate in extracurricular and/or co-curricular activities in grades 6-12 in GCISD are held to a higher standard and required to sign the GCISD Extra Curricular Pledge confirming their commitment to not drink alcoholic beverages, use tobacco illegally, take illegal drugs or be in possession of drug paraphernalia, or attend or remain at an activity where alcohol or drugs are being consumed illegally. Consequences for breaking the pledge include suspension and/or removal from the choral program. In addition, in order to maintain the integrity of the department and provide a positive learning environment for all students, consistent in-class discipline problems, multiple placements of in-school suspension, discipline referrals for fighting and/or other aggressive acts will result in a loss of privileges in the choral program including movement into a different ensemble, loss of traveling privileges, suspension from performances, or removal from the choral program at the director’s discretion.


The Panther Choir Newsletter is distributed via email and posted to our website each week. It is important that both students and families take responsibility for the information presented in this newsletter. If you would like to add an additional email recipient to the newsletter you may subscribe on our home page. 

In order to comply with GCISD Policies, communication between students and directors should be either district email or  Remind101 (GCISD now has an account and uses this  as an official method of communication). Except in a case of emergency all communication must occur between the hours of 7am-8pm. Exceptions to this policy are made when we are travelling on overnight trips. 


All students are auditioned for placement; however, it should be noted that the CHHS Panther Choir offers a variety of performing organizations to meet the educational needs of all students interested in singing. Each choir caters to the student’s individual musical needs in effort to provide the most complete and effective musical education to each student. All choirs offer performance opportunities and focus on expanding the student’s knowledge of basic music theory, sight-reading skills, vocal technique, and music history. In addition to the development of individual musical skills, each choir is designed to teach self-discipline, commitment and teamwork. Students in all choirs are required to participate in concerts and may elect to participate in competitions such as All-State/Region, Solo & Ensemble, etc. Please visit our Choirs Page for detailed information about each ensemble.


Each day is an audition for future choir placement - make every day count!

All students are auditioned for placement; however, it should be noted that the CHHS Panther Choir offers a variety of performing organizations to meet the educational needs of all students interested in singing. We have many courses each catering to varied individual needs in order to provide the most complete and effective music education to each student. Auditions for choir placement are an ongoing process that culminates at the end of the year with an individual audition. More information regarding this audition process can be found on our AUDITION PAGE. In addition to choir placement there will be periodic auditions for solos, small ensembles, and other opportunities throughout the year. In each of these instances we make every effort to provide a fair and objective evaluation of the students ability to be successful in the event they are auditioning for. All auditions are judged by the choir directors and occasionally other outside professionals. We make every effort to be fair and provide opportunities for as many students as possible in our program; however, with over 200 students in choir there will always be competition at auditions. We spend many hours and use our best professional judgement when making decisions following auditions. Inevitably there will be disappointment with the results of any audition. Part of our role as arts educators is to help educate students on how to handle the high pressure of auditions, how to handle both bad and good news, how to ask for feedback in a constructive and professional way, and how to act with compassion to their classmates in the same situation. Once posted, all audition results are final and not open to debate; however, we would be happy to discuss areas of improvement with you for future auditions.


In our quest to educate students to professionally handle the audition process and advocate for themselves we respectfully ask that the student contact us via email to so that we can provide constructive written feedback. If the information provided via email needs further explanation we are happy to schedule a conference with the student and/or parent to discuss areas for improvement. Our goal as educators is to teach every student to be highly successful and at times we must make very difficult decisions that as professionals we know are best for the student. As a professional musician I have placed both first and last in auditions. Do not allow one audition performance to define your success as a musician.

Student Travel

The Panther Choir has a rich history of engaging in domestic and international travel as part of a students education in our department. Please visit our Tour Page for information concerning our current travel plans. Although choir trips are optional, students are strongly encouraged to participate as we will be performing on all trips and need our entire team in order to be successful. A required student / parent meeting will be held prior to overnight travel to disseminate information and answer specific questions concerning travel.   Travel often involves some extra rehearsals so that students from all of our choirs may participate in performances. Please note that consistent discipline problems in school (including multiple assignments to in-school suspension) may result in the loss of travel privileges. Any flagrant offense of school or district policy will result in the loss of travel privileges for a period to be determined by the director and school administration.


Student Leadership

The development of leadership in students is a primary goal of the department. Officers are elected and/or appointed by the director to serve as student leaders for the Choral Department. A student may be removed from office by the director at any time as the result of unsatisfactory behavior or poor representation of the choral department.

2019-2020 Choir  Executive Board

Will Swinney, president

Isabella Cain, choir council

Jenna Hancock, choir council

Audrey Money, choir council

Jake Watson, choir council


Student Awards
Participation & Attendance

As a member of the organization you will be expected to attend and perform in class, in concerts, and at extra rehearsals and programs as scheduled by the directors. Students are given ample notice of scheduled events so that conflicts are minimal. A calendar of events is available HERE. We highly recommend you subscribe to this Google Calendar. As students continue their quest to be responsible adults and perfect the art of balancing and organizing activities and calendars, it is their responsibility to inform parents, employers, coaches, sponsors, and other teachers of choir activities. Routine doctor appointments and/or a student’s job schedule will not serve as excused absences from activities. Outside of class rehearsals and concerts are part of the state and local curriculum, are REQUIRED as part of the grade for the course, and cannot be duplicated through alternative written assignments. 


Summary of Required, Graded Events for 2019-2020

Please note, these are the major summative assessment events required of ALL choir students. There are additional rehearsals and events specific to each ensemble that can be found on our Google Calendar and will be communicated in our weekly newsletter. 

Fall Concert, Monday, October 21, 7:30pm

Winter Concert Tech Rehearsal, Monday, December 9, 4pm-7pm

Winter Concert, Tuesday, December 10, 7:30pm

UIL Showcase Concert, Monday, March 30, 7:00pm

UIL State Assessment (Times TBA April 15-17)

Spring Concert, Tuesday, May 19 7:00pm

Only excused absences are eligible for grade makeups. Students will always be given ample advance notice of required performances; therefore, the following activities are examples of what will not be considered an excused absence from Choral Department events: Student’s Work Schedule, Regular Doctor / Dental Appointments, Tutoring/Reassessments for other classes (schedule on a non-rehearsal day), Lack of Transportation, Babysitting Obligations, Church Activities, Non-School Related Sports Events.  Excused absences will be granted using the following guidelines:


1. Directors are notified a minimum of two weeks in advance via the online ABSENCE REQUEST FORM


2. The reason for the absence is a conflicting SCHOOL activity


3. The director’s upon receiving written notification and verifying that there is no possible solution for the student to participate in multiple school activities approves the absence. 


4. The student is unable to perform at a required event because of Academic Eligibility


5. In the case of a verified emergency when two weeks notice is not practical the director should be notified by phone or email on the day of the event and provide written verification from the parent when the student returns to school. 


An excused absence does not exempt the student from completing the work or equivalent makeup work for the missed event.  Please note the makeup assignments on the ABSENCE REQUEST FORM. Unexcused absences will not be eligible for makeup assignments.


Removal from Performance

In order to preserve the integrity of the group performance, a student may be removed from participation in a choir event/performance at the director's discretion for the following reasons. 

1. The student has excessive absences from in-class or out-of-class rehearsals (excused or unexcused).

2. The student demonstrates consistently violates the district, school, and/or Panther Choir Behavior expectations. 

3. The student misses a critical technical/dress rehearsal and does not have the logistical information for a specific performance. 

Resolving School Related Conflicts

We recognize that it is beneficial for a student to be involved in multiple activities during their time in high school and encourage and support student engagement in activities at CHHS. When scheduling choir activities every effort is made to coordinate with other school events; however, with over 200 students in the program involved in every imaginable activity it is nearly impossible to avoid all conflicts. Communication is essential between students and faculty members. Please use the general guidelines below when dealing with school related conflicts and remember, we are here to help - communicate!

  • Major Events are scheduled via a district wide calendar meeting in May of each year. Reservations for facilities are done at this time. It is nearly impossible to accommodate changes that result in last minute additions or alterations in other programs on campus. As professionals we are expected to plan ahead and reduce conflict in advance. Should a conflict result because of a change in schedule or poorly communicated schedule it is expected that students give priority to previously scheduled commitments.

  • There is a limit to how many activities a student can be in. Plan your activities accordingly. While we can accomodate most activities, if a student signs up for two activities that require a time commitment consistently at the same time the student will be forced to choose an activity.

  • Concerts are cumulative, curriculum based events and should be given priority over a practice or other optional event. For example - We would not expect you to miss a district sports game to attend an after-school rehearsal just as we would not expect you to miss a concert to attend a sports practice or non-district tournament game. We often have a single performance that represents the culmination of weeks of work; we do not have the luxury of multiple performances or games.

  • We make a marked effort to not monopolize student time and operate efficiently. For groups that have required after-school rehearsals, typically we will not schedule more than one rehearsal per week. If a student is expected to be at 5 weekly practices / rehearsals for one activity we expect it reasonable that they be allowed one 60-90 minute rehearsal with the choir.

  • We will always support our students in their academic efforts and encourage attendance at tutorials as needed. When possible, please attempt to schedule tutoring that does not interfere with a one time rehearsal of the choral department (Example - If Math tutoring is offered 4 days a week and we have choir rehearsal 1 day per week, schedule your Math tutoring on one of the other 3 days)



Student Expectations

Certain standards are necessary for the integrity and reputation of any organization. Every choir member will be expected to display manners, follow school rules, meet deadlines, and always represent CHHS and the choir with pride. Choir members are expected to have and maintain a character above reproach. Not following school rules both in and out of choir may result in loss of membership and all of the privileges of the group. Members of the Panther Choir are expected to demonstrate the following:


Professionalism by displaying self-discipline, working well with others, having an attitude of respect for the directors and other school staff, and displaying the qualities of a professional musician.


Responsibility through punctuality, following through with commitments, bringing supplies to rehearsal, communicating with the staff, delivering information to parents, and making a marked effort to improve musical skills and learn repertoire.


Integrity through honesty with the director, oneself, and other students, and regular attendance at school and out of school rehearsals and events.


Dignity by adhering to the campus dress code, using appropriate language and etiquette, displaying self-motivation in rehearsal, presenting oneself in a well-groomed manner, and presenting a positive image of the organization.


Empathy through sensitivity and acceptance of diversity, displaying kindness and encouragement to peers, and showing sympathy for others.


Rehearsal Etiquette 

The single most important factor of the success of any choir is the work it accomplishes in its rehearsals. How you rehearse is how you will perform. Students are expected to abide by the following classroom rules:

  1. Strive daily to demonstrate Panther P.R.I.D.E as outlined in the CHHS Panther Choir Student Expectations. 

  2. Participate in all daily rehearsal activities

  3. Respond to instructions and requests of the director the first time given


Classroom Discipline Plan 
  1. Verbal Warning

  2. 2nd Verbal Warning

  3. Rehearsal Time Out and Parent Contact

  4. Parent Phone Call & Student Conference

  5. Office Referral

  6. Any physical/verbal violence, major infraction of CHHS or GCISD Policy, or student refusal to cooperate in discipline procedures will result in an immediate office referral.


Daily Rehearsal Procedure
  • Enter the room in a calm and dignified manner

  • Silence and put away cell phones; Feel free to use our charging station in the main choir room.  Store all bags and personal items at the side of the choir room. The only items allowed at your seat are you, a folder, a pencil, and a water bottle.

  • Be in your seat with your folder and your pencil when the bell rings. 

  • Be ready to focus on our main priority of making music. This requires absolute attention, positive attitude and willingness to make a mistake.

  • Plan on working every day, the entire class period from August until June. We do not have free time or free days in choir. Do not plan on having time to leave the room for your personal needs. Students will only be allowed to leave in the event of an emergency.


Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is a term that describes how a person should act while using digital technology and has also been defined as "the ability to participate in society online". Teaching appropriate digital citizenship to our students including appropriate times to engage in use of technology to our students is integrated into our use of technology in GCISD. Cell phone use during school time continues to pose a significant problem to our students. Not only are they a constant distraction to the learning process, our recent records also indicate that the vast majority of harassment and bullying occurring at school happens via social media on cell phones during the school day.  In an effort to provide the most positive learning environment possible in the Panther Choir Room, the following procedures will be used.

  • Unless specifically asked to use technology during rehearsal the use of student technology devices during choir class is prohibited. Any phone visible during rehearsal is considered use - it should remain in a pocket or bag.

  • Students violating the cell phone policy will be subject to the following discipline procedure

    1. First Offense: Phone confiscated for the remainder of the class period​​

    2. Second Offense: Phone confiscated for the remainder of school day (pick up in choir office at 4pm), parent contacted.

    3. Third Offense: Phone confiscated and turned into Assistant Principal - Office Referral

With the continued increase in communication via electronic media it is extremely important to understand the implications of texts, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. Nothing we do electronically can be considered temporary or private.  Any student who represents themselves, peers, or their organization in an unfavorable, questionable, or illegal manner through electronic media will have parents immediately notified and be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by school officials and directors, including but not limited to dismissal from the organization.

Use of the CHHS Music Facility
  1. Be respectful of our room and equipment so that we may enjoy it for years to come. You should not bring food or drink other than bottled water into rehearsals.

  2. Please come and visit us in the choir offices at any time; however, knock and/or wait to be acknowledged before you enter. 

  3. Practice rooms may be used for voice lessons, practicing choir music, and/or completing singing tests.  Practice rooms are always locked. At no time should a practice room be used to “hang out,” talk, eat lunch, etc.  Couples will never be permitted access to the practice rooms. 

  4. We are fortunate to have two choir rooms. The New Choir Room will remain locked when we are not in rehearsal. At no time should students be in either choir room without a director present. 

  5. DO NOT PLAY THE CLASSROOM PIANOS. They are expensive musical instruments, not a toy. If you are in need of a piano for practice please ask a director to use the practice room.

  6. Do not write on the boards – if you need to make an announcement to the choir check with the director.

  7. Director's computers/technology are not for student use. 


Supplies & Uniforms
Each student will be provided with uniforms needed for each performing group, a black folder and pencil, a choir t-shirt, and music as needed throughout the year. Students are financially responsible for all supplies assigned to them via the Panther Choir. In the event that supplies/uniform pieces are lost or damaged the student will be billed for the replacement cost. 

Your signature on the handbook acknowledgement also serves as  a contract for uniform rental with the following policies. We are unable to issue a uniform until this form is returned and a choir fee is paid or we receive a payment contract. Failure to turn in required paperwork will result in students not receiving a uniform and being unable to perform on required concerts. 

  1.  Students / Parents are financially responsible for all uniform pieces issued to them by the school

  2.  Uniforms are required for all choir performances

  3.  Students will be issued a clean uniform. Maintenance during the school year will be the responsibility of the student. Dresses and tuxedo shirts are washable. Tuxedo pants and jacket are Dry Clean Only. Failure to clean the uniform regularly resulting in unusual wear, staining, or odors will be charged as damage to the uniform. 

  4.  Our uniforms are brand new and have been professionally hemmed. If the uniform requires an additional alternation please contact the choir office. 

  5.  Uniform shoes are not provided. Girls should wear closed toe, flat or low heel, black pumps. Men should wear formal solid black dress shoes. 

  6.  Black socks / hose are a required uniform item

  7. Gentlemen will be issued a red long tie to be tied in a double windsor knot (we will teach our choir members and be available to assist before concerts) and a red pocket square to be placed in the tuxedo pocket.  Ladies will receive a pearl necklace before each concert that is to be returned after each concert. 

  8.  Failure to wear the proper uniform items, or failure to arrive in a properly maintained uniform (hemmed, pressed, and clean) will result in students being removed from performance and suffering standard penalties for missed performances. 

  9.  Uniforms must be returned as requested at the completion of the concert season. Failure to return the uniform will result in a fine equal to the replacement cost of the uniform. 

  10.  As part of the formal choir uniform students are expected to present themselves in a well-groomed, formal manner. Anything that draws personal attention to a single student rather than the group is not acceptable in performance. Jewelry other than small stud earrings or assigned uniform jewelry is not acceptable. Hair should be groomed, a natural color, and styled away from the face. If you are using anything to hold your hair back (head band, clips, etc) it should be black or neutral to your hair. A choral concert is a staged performance and ladies should be prepared to wear appropriate makeup that brings out features and is not a distraction. Stage makeup should include non-neutral lipstick (red or dark pink), blush, and eye makeup.  

  11. In addition to the formal uniform students will receive a choir shirt worn for informal occasions, usually with jeans. When wearing the informal uniform students should choose jeans that are plain, without rips and designs, and fit appropriately for performance. 



Student accounts can be accessed via our online system CHARMS at anytime. If you have questions or any trouble logging in please contact a director.



In an effort to maintain the high quality programs in GCISD in light of the state funding system GCISD uses a “Pay for Participation” program for many of the athletic and fine arts programs. Fees vary according to the program. The GCISD district mandated participation fee of $50 is assessed through Skyward and must be paid to the district by all students in the choral program. Students participating in multiple programs and families with students at multiple GCISD campuses have certain maximums that can be assessed. Details regarding this fee can be found on the district website at 


In addition to the district “Pay for Participation Fee” the Panther Choir assesses the fees above to assist in covering expenses not covered by the district and/or fundraising efforts of the Booster Club.


Choir Fee $55 (Required of All)

Includes our choir t-shirt and supplements cost of uniform rental and cleaning, music, supplies, guest musicians, clinics, workshops, and social events throughout the school year.

Chamber Supplement $TBA (Required of Chamber Choir Students)

This fee is waived for 2017-2018 as the Chamber Choir is not traveling to San Antonio this year. Required of Chamber Choir students to assist in covering cost of entry fees, transportation, and lodging for the overnight competition trip to San Antonio. 


The following is an anticipated list of choir expenditures that will occur throughout the year. They are listed to help you plan your budget. Please note that in some cases, fees are approximate. 










Other optional expenses might include, letter jacket patches, professional performances, and social outings.


Finances should never be a barrier to a student’s participation in the department; however, if no communication is made, no assistance can be offered. Special payment arrangements can be made by submitting the Choir Fees Contract found on our website.


  • All money is processed through the Panther Choir Booster Club. In order to assure the security and proper accounting of funds money will always be handled by the directors and representatives of the Panther Choir Booster Club

  • We can accept cash & check (to Panther Choir Booster Club) by turning in payments via a sealed envelope to the drop box in the Main Choir Room (F134). The Booster Club treasurer checks and processes these payments on a regular basis.

  • We can accept credit cards via PayPal, or in person at Booster Events. 


Most fees charged to the student involve advance payment for a service or item. In such cases (i.e. accompanist fees, trip fees, etc.), the choral department has a deadline for receiving reimbursement from the supplier. Because of this, the following policy is strictly followed: There will be no refunds in any case where a student has paid for an activity or supply but is no longer able to participate. This policy applies no matter what the reason is for withdrawal and specifically includes but is not limited to the situations of ineligibility, illness, unexpected family travel, or withdrawal from the CHHS Choir.





All-State / All-Region Entry Fee


Voice Lessons

$80 / month (approx)

Solo / Ensemble Entry Fee


Solo Accompanist Fee

$10 per solo rehearsal/performance

Uniform Shoes


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Student Awards

Letter Jackets can be earned through participation and achievement in the choral program. Information will be distributed prior to sizing of the jackets in the Fall each year.


Outstanding Choral Student and  awards are presented at the Panther Choir banquet to students from each choir who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and character by being models of the virtues of the CHHS Panther Choir. 


Texas Music Scholar awards are presented by the Texas Music Educator’s Association and designates students in high school music programs who exemplify attributes of meritorious performance in the areas of scholarship, musicianship, and citizenship. Students designated as a Texas Music Scholar will receive pink honor cords for graduation. To qualify for this award a student must meet the following criteria set forth by the Texas Music Educator's Association.

The Student:

  • Is a viable member of the school’s parent musical organization for the entire school year.

  • Maintains in all coursework an overall “A” average in all cumulative coursework as defined by the local school district for the current school year.

  • Maintains academic eligibility for the entire school year.

  • Participates in all scheduled events of the parent organization.

  • Attends, as an audience member, two director-approved concert events of high school, collegiate or professional level during a school year.

  • Has auditioned, been selected, and participated as required in a TMEA or ATSSB organization (band, orchestra, or choir).

  • Performs a UIL Prescribed Music List Class 1 solo for a competition or public performance.

  • Consistently exhibits behavior which brings honor to the parent organization, school and community.


The Texas All-State Choir is the premiere All-State Choral organization in the United States. Each year over 15,000 students compete for placement in this organization. As part of the audition process, students have the opportunity to be recognized as members of the Region 24 Honor Choirs. The audition process begins in September of each year and culminates with the Texas All-State Choir performance each February in San Antonio. 



Universities offer substantial merit based scholarships to students who choose to pursue a degree in music. Auditions for admission and scholarship begin in December of a student’s senior year and typically conclude in early March. College Music School admission is a separate process that must occur concurrently with a students general school application and admission. The Panther Choir Booster Club is happy to offer several scholarship to our graduating seniors. Information regarding application for these awards will be available during the spring semester.


Students will be systematically assessed concerning their mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for High School Fine Arts and the CHHS Panther Choir Expected Student Outcomes. Grades will be calculated using the following system as per GCISD policy. 


I. Daily Grade – 40% (Formative)

Classroom Performance Assessments

Written Exercises

Out of Class Required Rehearsals


II. Major Grades - 60%(Summative)

Concert and Dress Rehearsal Attendance 

Students will receive a grade for required performances and rehearsals of the department based on their attendance, punctuality, and concert etiquette. THESE GRADES WILL OCCUR OUTSIDE OF CLASS TIME AT SCHEDULED CHORAL DEPARTMENT EVENTS

Clinic Attendance

Singing / Sight-Reading Tests


Student mastery is the goal of every assignment in the choral department. In most cases, singing tests may be retaken for credit. 


Classroom Performance

Choral music is a performance based course and ongoing assessment of a students engagement in daily performance is part of the grade in the course as noted above. Activities which involve the student not being engaged in the task at hand will adversely effect the grade including but not limited to:

  • Unauthorized use of cell phone / other electronic device during instruction & performance

  • Failure to participate in classroom activities

  • Failure to have music and other needed supplies (supplied by the school)

  • Failure to demonstrate basic elements of choral singing as requested (Hand Signs, Posture, etc)



Excused Absence Make-Up Assignments (see Participation for Excused Absence Guidelines)

It is the student's responsibility to take care of make-up assignments in a timely fashion. It is expected that students will take personal responsibility for their grades, look up the published alternate assignments, and complete the assignment on time. 


I. Outside of Class Rehearsals (EXCUSED)

As the directors will not be available to lead make-up rehearsals with individual students. The student will be required to rehearse individually and produce a recording for the directors to show mastery of the concepts missed in rehearsal. This assignment will be placed in Google Classroom following a missed rehearsal and should be completed within 7 days. 


For most concerts we hold a "Tech Rehearsal" preceding the event to work out musical and logistical issues that involve students who do not share a common class period. In order to preserve the safety of all students and the integrity of the performance a student missing a tech rehearsal (regardless of excused or unexcused) will be removed from any part of the concert rehearsed exclusively at this time. To makeup the grade for an excused absence students should complete a personal logistics plan and turn into the choir directors within 24 hours of the missed rehearsal. 



Students must make an appointment to sing all required music for the directors before or after-school within a week of the missed performance to recover the performance portion of the grade AND students must attend an approved alternate concert and complete a Written Concert Review  (Instructions Here). An approved alternate concert can be a band, choir, or orchestra event Middle School through Professional level. Please contact the directors if you are unsure if an event is appropriate for this assignment. A calendar of GCISD Fine Arts events is available on the GCISD website.