Panther Choir Update

What a wonderful first week in the Panther Choirs! Our students are polite, motivated, and already showing signs of incredible musicianship. The Ovation Jazz Choir had our first public performance at the Football Game on Friday night and did was met with compliment after compliment from our fans in the stands. I was thrilled to see so many students at All-State sectionals in the first week of school. So many students have been working over the summer on preparing this music and are already poised to compete well at this Fall's auditions. There is lots of information at the start of the year so this is a rather long update!

Keeping up with Dates and Events

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Required Forms and Fees

As we begin the year, we of course of the start of the year required paperwork that we must collect from each student. It is our practice to collect a Field Trip Form with all known possible travel events and an emergency form at the start of the year rather than attempting to collect a new one each time a choir leaves campus. In addition, we are required to collect a handbook contract from each student indicate the student / parent understanding of our policies. We have begun the process of going over information in classes and will do this again at our New Parent Meeting on Tuesday, September 8 at 7pm in the auditorium (if you are not a new parent but would like to hear the information again, you are welcome to attend!). All forms are due at or before our Get Fit Day on Saturday, September 12.

Forms required of ALL students are, the 1. Handbook Contract 2. Travel Form 3. Field Trip Emergency form. All forms are available to submit electronically or print and return via our website at (see Information & Policies - Forms). A annual choir fee of $45 is due from all choir students for uniform rental and other yearly expenses. There is an additional $50 supplement for Chorale students and Chamber students to cover travel expenses during the year. Please see and visit the Handbook (under Information) and choose Finances for a detailed explanation of choir expenses. All fees (or a payment contract) are due on September 12.

Voice Lessons

We are thrilled to be able to provide high quality voice instructors for our students at a reduced rate through the GCISD Supplementary Music Program. We are handing out forms in class this week and they are available on the Forms section of our website. We expect demand to exceed our current two teachers schedules and have interviewed and will announce an addition to our voice faculty for this year shortly. Click here for more information.

New Student / Parent Meeting

New parents / students to the Panther Choir should plan to attend the required meeting on Tuesday, September 8 at 7pm in the CHHS Auditorium where we will go over program details and help you to understand the requirements of the program for the school year. It is most helpful if both the parent and the student attend this meeting.

Get Fit Day

On Saturday, September 12, we will host our annual Get Fit Day. We will publish times for each class later this week (understanding that some exceptions will need to be made to accommodate specific schedules). On Get Fit Day all students will be fitted for a uniform and forms and fees collected. Typically we can get you in and out in approximately 20 minutes. Please plan for students to attend this event with a parent so that all forms, etc can be taken care of.

Chorale - GHS / CHHS Game Performance and Tailgate This Week

This Friday, September 4, Chorale will combine with the GHS A cappella Choir to sing the National Anthem at the GHS vs CHHS game. Preceding the game we will have a "tailgate" social with the GHS students. Chorale members should have received an order form for WhichWhich last week via email. We have paper copies available in the choir room. Orders (with your $6 must be turned in by Wednesday if you would like to eat on Friday. We will meet at the GHS choir room at 6pm on Friday for rehearsal and dinner and then walk across to the stadium for our performance.

This Week In The Panther Choir


All-State Sectional 4-5pm

Chamber Choir Rehearsal 5:30pm-7pm


All-State Sectional 7:40am-8:20am


All-State Sectional 4-5pm


CHHS vs GHS Tailgate and Chorale Sings

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