Panther Choir Update Week of 10.19

Dear Parents and Students:

We had a great week celebrating homecoming at CHHS. For the first time in many years the Panther Choirs participated in the parade, sang at the community pep rally, performed at our student pep rally on Friday and sang at the game on Friday night. It was a busy week, but a wonderful way for our program to be involved in the CHHS community.

This week brings our first full department concert of the year. We are excited to present all of our choirs to you as we demonstrate what we have accomplished in the first nine weeks of school.

Concert Tech Rehearsal

In our effort to be respectful of student and parent time we have determined that we do not need to call all of our groups for the after-noon tech rehearsal on the calendar for tomorrow. We will be able to take care of the details needed during our class period over the next two days. B Day classes that do not meet on Tuesday will however need to arrive a bit

earlier on the Concert Day (Tuesday).


Performance Time: 7pm, CHHS Auditorium


Students are expected to be in concert dress for this performance which includes black dress and appropriate shoes (for ladies) and full tuxedo, black socks, and black dress shoes for men. By this point, uniforms should be hemmed properly for performance. Please be certain uniforms are in good condition for the performance and take care of all personal grooming items as needed. It is appropriate for girls to wear makeup for a stage performance including non-neutral lipstick and other makeup that enhances facial features on stage. Hair for all students should be worn out of the face. If you have any questions concerning uniform please reference the UNIFORM SECTION of the Panther Choir Handbook.

Arrival Time

Students need to arrive on time in their assigned places in order to receive full credit for the grade on the concert. Please reference the times below:

2nd Period - 6:00pm On Stage

3rd Period (Chorale) - 6:15pm In the Main Choir Room

5th Period (Concert Women) 6:30 pm in the Old Choir Room

6th Period (Concert Men) 6:30pm

Concert Grades

Part of what we are required to assess as part of the state curriculum is not only the students’ performance at a concert but also their concert etiquette as appropriate for formal music events. The concert grade will depend on:

Arrival on time for Call Time

Arrival in correct uniform, including hemming, black socks, etc

Concert Etiquette – Should we need to address a student for talking / cell phone, etc during the concert, points will be deducted from the grade. General Concert Etiquette It is important that both students and concert guests treat everyone with respect during a concert performance. Everyone is there to enjoy the work of the choir and see their student perform. With this in mind it is important that everyone be respectful of every student performing, not only during the choir that their student is performing in. Cell Phones We respectfully ask that cell phones be put away during the concert. Texting, checking facebook, etc are just as distracting as talking to those who are around you. In our quest to teach students to use technology in an appropriate and respectful way we ask that the adults in the audience assist us by modeling this behavior. Parents, please encourage your students to leave their cell phones at home, in cars, etc during the concert. They do not have a place to store them and I would rather not be responsible for them during the concert. For many of our students, teaching them appropriate etiquette with their technology is a daily challenge. Please help us in instilling in these students that certain situations (including a formal concert) are not appropriate times to be on their cell phones.

Video Recording

There will be a professional video made of the concert and it will be available for purchase. We encourage you to allow yourself to experience the concert and watch your student perform and engage in live choral performance rather than be consumed with the need to video the performance yourself. Please do not setup cameras, hold up ipads, etc in the middle of the auditorium. It is distracting to those around you and often they end up looking at the back of your ipad rather than having the opportunity to watch their student perform. If you must take a personal video of the concert, please do so from the rear of the auditorium.

Chili’s Fundraiser on Tuesday 10.20

The CHHS Panther Choirs have a long tradition of gathering at Chili’s after our concert performances and we invite you to join us. If you choose to dine at Chili’s before or after the concert please print this flyer as the Panther Booster Club will receive 15% of all proceeds on Tuesday.

Butterbraid Orders Due This Week

Butterbraid orders will be collected on Wednesday and Thursday during our class time. Please continue to sell this week!

Spain and Portugal Trip

If there are any last minute additions to the Spain and Portugal trip we need to get everyone taken care of by the end of this week, Friday, October 23. If you need information please see our trip page. After Friday I will verify the final list with the tour company and we are releasing unused hotel rooms and airline tickets. We do have room if there is anyone who would still like to join us (several have done so in the last few weeks!). Students participating, please mark your calendars for Friday, November 6 when we will have a Kick-Off Meeting / Rehearsal from 4pm-8:30pm. We will spend time getting everyone to know each other and starting our music for the trip. We are planning to have the trip choir perform at our Winter Concert in December.



Chamber Choir 4pm-5:30pm


Fall Concert (see above)


Pre-Area Sectional 4-5pm


Pre-Area / 9-10 Lessons After School


9-10 Audition Cut Party 4-5pm

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