Panther Choir Update Week of 11/16

“That was one heck of a display of choral artistry that you guys put our there. I have waited a great many years to hear a performance from a GCISD Choir like the one you gave tonight.”

-Pat Antinone, Director of Fine Arts, GCISD (in response to APEX Performance)

“Your students were an outstanding example for my students of many things including appearance, behavior, and performance practice.”

-Jeff Rice, Director of Choirs at Midway HS (in response to UH Choral Invitational Performance)

“Your choir sang like a dream. I loved everything about CHHS — the sound, the repertoire, and the presentation”

- Dr. Betsy Cook Weber, Director of Choral Activities, Moores School of Music (in response to UH Performance)

“Congrats on such a great group, I really enjoyed their performance”

- Danny Detrick (first choral director at CHHS and current Director of Fine Arts for Birdville ISD, in response to APEX performance)

Dear Parents and Students:

Above is just some of the written feedback we have received over the past week regarding performances of the Panther Choirs. The past week has been full of incredible experiences for our students and multiple displays of professionalism and high level musicianship by our students in our community.

What a wonderful experience it was to watch 30 of of our CHHS students make incredible music with the Region 24 Choirs this weekend. It is wonderful to see students using high level music making as a vehicle for expression and greater understanding. We are so proud of the all of our students for their accomplishments in this process.

On Wednesday morning our combined Jazz choirs performed as part of the CHHS Veteran’s Day Assembly. The students looked and sounded fantastic and presented a moving tribute to our veterans. It was incredible to watch the CHHS student body sit in silence for the performance of America the Beautiful and then erupt in a standing ovation in appreciation at the end. What a pleasure it is to be in an environment where students support each other in this manner.

On Tuesday evening the Panther Chorale sang as part of the APEX Choral Festival and again were incredible representatives of CHHS and our Choir program.


We have a limited number of tickets left for Wednesday’s pre-screening. They can be purchased in the Old Choir Room After-School starting Monday until we run out!

As we approach our Thanksgiving Break, please note the following activities this week:



Pre-Area Rehearsals 4-6:30pm

We will reschedule Chamber Rehearsal for Thursday, time pending


Pre-Area Auditions - Hebron HS 4pm-9m


My Fair Lady Chorus Rehearsal 4-6

Mockingjay 6:30pm


Chamber Rehearsal - Time TBA

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