Panther Choir Update Week of 1/11/16

Dear Parents and Students:

I hope that you each had a wonderful winter break. Our first week back to school was a very busy one with musical in full swing, our final round of All-State Choir Auditions, the addition of a student teacher, Mr. Steele, to our team, and getting all of our choirs started on preparation for UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest.

On Friday and Saturday we traveled to Abilene with our 9 students who advanced to Area auditions for the final round in the Texas All-State Choir audition process. We are thrilled to announce that CHHS set a school and district record with seven students who earned a place in the Texas All-State Choir. This was the largest number from any school in our Region. The perseverance and personal musicianship that it takes to survive this 9-month process and emerge as a Texas All-State student is monumental. Less than 1% of the students who begin the process state-wide earn a place at All-State. We are proud that our students have made such progress in this process this year and look forward to getting started on the journey for All-State 2017 with many more of our students later this spring. A huge congratulations to the following who will travel to San Antonio in February as members of the Texas All-State Choir.

Christen Volding, Soprano 1

Hannah Fox, Soprano 2

Abbey Jefferies, Alto 1

Cecilia Yip, Alto 1

Jada Duff, Alto 2

Kolton Krueger, Tenor 2

Devin Parish, Bass 2

Spain Picture on Tuesday

If you are traveling to Spain, please do not forget to meet at 8am on Tuesday morning in the Main Choir Room in full, formal, concert uniform. We need to take a few pictures for the promotional posters that will be going out to advertise our performances in Europe. There will be time to change into regular school clothes before 5th period. Please be on time and ready to go so that we do not delay the entire group.

Spain Sectionals

Please remember that morning sectionals for Spain start Wednesday. We realize that morning rehearsals can be difficult, but at this time this is what works in the schedule to get us prepared for our performances.


Monday: Musical Rehearsal 4-6pm, Chamber 6:30-8pm

Tuesday: Spain Picture 8am, Musical Rehearsal 4-6pm

Wednesday: Spain Sectional Soprano / Tenor 7:45-8:25am; Musical Rehearsal 4-6pm

Thursday: Musical Rehearsal 4-6pm

Friday: Spain Sectional Alto/Bass 7:45am-8:25am; Musical Rehearsal 4-6pm

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