Panther Choir Update 2/8/16

Dear Parents & Students:

What a wonderful turnout of support we had for the CHHS musical last weekend! Thank you all for the support you gave throughout that process. We are able to do incredible things in this community because of your willingness to support massive projects like this.

This week we head to All-State with our 7 CHHS All-State Choir students which means we will be out of the office Wednesday through Friday. If you have any urgent needs we can continue to be reached via email.

Spain Trip

Thank you for your attendance at the required Spain Trip meeting last Thursday. I will be following up with some additional information in an email shortly (including information on picking up your student upon return as I left this out of the meeting!). If you have any urgent questions, please send them my way.

Solo & Ensemble

Students performing at Solo & Ensemble should submit $35 payment to the Booster Club by next Tuesday, February, 16. $10 is for the entry fee and $25 goes to the accompanist. Voice teachers should be communicating details of accompanist rehearsal times. We will have a schedule for contest day early this week.

This Week


Chamber Choir 5:30-7pm


Spain Choir 4-5:30pm

Benham Voice Studio Masterclass 5-8pm


All-State students to San Antonio


Ovation Jazz Choir Singing Valentine’s

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