Panther Choir Update 2/15/16

Dear Parents and Students:

We had a wonderful week with our All-State students performing in San Antonio over the weekend. We are incredibly proud of the success of these students and our program as a whole in this process. The experience for them in the All-State choir was monumental and I know that they are brining back knowledge and skills that will benefit every student in our program. It will be time to start thinking about this process for the 2016-2017 school year soon. Registration has already opened (or is opening shortly) for many of the popular summer camps provided by area universities. Please refere to THIS PAGE for information regarding available camps. We have updated with information that we currently have and will continue to update the site as we receive more. The Panther Choir Booster Club is pleased to offer ten, $100 scholarships to students interested in attending camp. The information and application is currently available HERE. Applications are due by March 25 and awards will be announced by April 1.

Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble is this Thursday afternoon at Grapevine High School. The CHHS schedule is available HERE. If you have a conflict with your scheduled time please email (or see) Mrs. Massey ASAP and we will try to adjust. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to GHS. You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your performance time and are free to leave at the completion of your performance. If you have not yet paid your $35 fee to the Booster Club ($25 for accompanist, $10 for entry) it is past due. Please bring this ASAP.

Parent Help Needed for Region 24 Middle School Concert & Sight-Reading Contest

Colleyvile Heritage High School will be hosting the UIL Region 24 Concert & Sight-Reading Contest for our area middle schools February 25-26 (Thursday-Friday) and February 29-March 1 (Monday-Tuesday). We would like to refrain from removing our students from their academic classes in order to host this contest and are therefore in need of significant parent help. If you are available and willing, we need you! Please see the sign up HERE. Shifts are divided into half days. If you are able to work a full day you are welcome to sign-up for multiple shifts. UIL will provide lunch for FULL DAY workers only. Thank you for considering this opportunity to showcase our school and community.

Spain Trip

Thank you to all who attended to the Spain meeting on February 4. There are a few questions that have come up from the meeting that I need to address:

1. Student pick-up on arrival back to DFW — Parents should plan to pick up students at the airport - we will not return to CHHS. Our final leg of the flight is domestic (from Philadelphia) so we could arrive at any of the American Airlines Terminals. I will attempt to send an update from Philadelphia, but please check for the arrival terminal for Flight 25.

2. Updates During the Trip — I failed to mention that I plan to provide periodic updates during the trip to parents. Many who are considering not sending students with cell phones have asked how they might be updated so that you know everyone is safe. As we are able, we will send updates via email and post on the Choir Twitter account.

3. Grades — As a reminder, students will be missing the last 2.75 school days of the grading period for travel to Spain. I am sending a list of student travelers out to teachers today to make them aware of the situation. Please make sure assignments are completed BEFORE we depart so that grades do not suffer.

Course Selection

As you consider your course selection for next year, we hope that you are planning on remaining part of the Panther Choir family. While we are aware that only one fine-arts credit is required for graduation, our program is designed as a four-year curriculum that continuously builds on student skill. It is well documented that students engaging in fine arts curriculum excel academically, have higher test scores, and have higher college acceptance rates than other students. More important, we strongly believe that a strong education in the arts provides students with the skills of creativity, emotional awareness, and collaboration that are essential in today’s workplace. GCISD provides ample credits through our 8 period rotating block schedule for students to engage in 4 years of arts education. Students on the new endorsement plans (9th and 10th graders) can also earn a Arts & Humanities endorsement through 4 year participation. The core curriculum for all endorsements are the same, so with 2-3 additional electives multiple endorsements are possible. I have prepared an informational website HERE to assist parents / students in making course decisions and creating a 4-year high school plan. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

This Week


Staff Development / Student Holiday

Chamber Choir 4-7pm


Spain Choir Rehearsal 4-5:30pm

Rausch Studio Recital 6pm


GCISD MS District UIL - Choir Classes Meet in BLACK BOX Theatre

Chorale Women 4-5:30pm


GCISD Solo Contest, GHS 4pm-8pm


Chorale Men 4-5:30pm

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