Panther Choir Update 2/28/2016

Dear Parents & Students:

Thank you all for the incredible parent support you have given while hosting the Region 24 MS UIL Contest. The parent volunteer help has been tremendous and we appreciate it more than you know! We have two more days of contest to go!

Pictured Above: CHHS Choir All-State Students are honored by the Board of Trustees, Monday, February 22, 2016.

Spain Choir

We have just two more rehearsals left before our performances in Spain. It is essential that we have good attendance at rehearsals. There have been a few students who have been consistently late and or absent to rehearsal. The amount of music we are rehearsing in a short amount of time means that being 15-20 minute late could translate into not practicing 2-3 of our pieces. The last rehearsals must be a priority in order for us to be successful in our concerts. We will rehearse this Tuesday from 4-5:30. Our meeting / concert time has been moved to 7:30pm to accommodate a forced movement of the Colleyville MS Concert from Monday to Tuesday. Students should plan to be in formal uniform for this concert (this will help us do a uniform check before departure). At the conclusion of rehearsal at 5:30pm students will be free until 7:15pm to change, eat, etc. If you need to stay at school during this time to change this will not be a problem. The concert will be brief. We will also go over final details and answer any last minute questions during this time. Please note that CMS will be doing a concert from 6:30-7:30 in the auditorium. Please wait until the completion of their concert to enter the auditorium so as not to disturb their performance.

CHHS 20th Anniversary Celebration

Chamber Choir will perform the Alma Mater at the end of the 20th Anniversary Celebration on Monday night (approximately 6:50pm in the middle of our already scheduled rehearsal). Dress for this will be Black Choir Polos and Black or Grey pants or skirts.

Chamber Choir to Madrigal Festival

This coming weekend Chamber Choir will compete at the American Classic Chamber and Madrigal Choir Festival in San Antonio, TX. A detailed itinerary will be sent to Chamber Choir Members shortly. We will depart Friday afternoon and return late Saturday evening.

MS UIL Contest

Choir classes will continue to meet in the Black Box Monday and Tuesday while we host the final two days of the Region 24 MS UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest. Thank you again for the many parent / student volunteers that have helped with this. If you have any questions or changes to your schedule please contact Mrs. Massey



Region 24 UIL 8am-5:30pm

Chamber Choir Rehearsal 5:30-7:30pm

CHHS 20th Anniversary Celebration 6:30-7:00pm


Region 24 UIL 8am-5:30pm

Spain Choir 4-5:30pm Rehearsal

Colleyville MS Concert 6:30pm

Spain Choir and Chamber Choir Preview Performance 7:30pm


Chorale Women 4-5:30pm


Chorale Men 4-5:30pm


Chamber Choir to San Antonio

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