Panther Choir Update 3/27/2016

Dear Parents and Students:

We had a wonderful week working with our clinician Jo Scurlock-Dillard last week! The expertise she brought to our classroom gave us new ideas and helped us move our performance to the next level. This week bring our district level UIL on Thursday as we move into our final preparations for Region 24 UIL contest on April 13-14.

District UIL Assessment (Pre-UIL)

Out district level UIL assessment is this Thursday at CHHS. We have made one change to the schedule sent out last week switching the Chorale Women and the Choralier Men to help with a scheduling conflict that was brought to our attention for the Men.

Our UIL Assessments are one of the out-of-class graded assessments that make up the performance component of the grade in choir as described in the GCISD Program of Studies and our Choir Handbook. Attendance at this event is required as part of the student grade. Please note the instructions for each choir. Students should report to the BLACK BOX at the designated time in FULL CONCERT UNIFORM. At the completion of Sight-Reading students are dismissed.

Parents are welcome and invited to attend our Pre-UIL event. Please note that entrance and exit into the auditorium will only be allowed between performances.

Chorale Men 4:00pm report to Black Box in uniform

4:20 warm-up, 4:40 performance, 5:00 Sight-reading , 5:30-7:00 dinner break

Concert Women 4:20pm report to black box in uniform

4:40 warm-up, 5:00 performance, 5:20 Sight-reading, 5:40 dismiss

Choralier Men 5:00pm report to black box in uniform

5:20 warm-up, 5:40 performance, 6:00 Sight-reading

Chorale Women 6:00pm report to black box in uniform

6:20 warm-up, 6:40 performance, 7:00 Sight-reading, then report to Black Box for Chorale

Choralier Women 7:00pm report to black box in uniform

7:20 warm-up, 7:40 performance, 8:00 Sight-reading, 8:20 dismiss

Varsity Mixed 7:20pm report to black box in uniform

7:40 warm-up, 8:00 performance, 8:20 Sight-reading, 8:40 dismiss

Please DO NOT report to the black box until your assigned time. Both choir rooms and the auditorium will be in use so if you need a place to wait/have a snack etc., please wait in the auditorium.

*Choralier Women, it will be best for you to go home to have dinner/change after school and report only for your assigned time rather than waiting around.


We have made final decisions regarding what choirs will be offered next year at CHHS and will begin the audition process shortly. We realize that scheduling opens for some grade levels soon. It is very possibly that scheduling will open for you before we are able to finalize choirs. Like last year, we ask you to use your best judgement and sign-up for the group that you expect to be in next year. When auditions are finished we will be able to make adjustments to schedules as needed. A big change for next year will be that 9th graders will be auditioned for placement. Classes offered will be:

Chorale - 3rd Period

Jazz Choirs (Concurrent enrollment in another ensemble required) - 7th Period

Concert Women (Advanced Level Women's Choir) -

Choraliers (THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THIS YEAR) Auditioned JV Mixed Choir 9th-12th Grade

Beginning Women's Choir - 6th Period 9-12th Grade

Beginning Men's Choir - 1st Period 9-12th Grade


Monday - CHORALE MEN 4-5:30pm

Tuesday - STAAR Testing - Altered Schedule

Wednesday - CHORALE WOMEN 4-5:30pm

Thursday - Pre-UIL

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