Panther Choir Update - Final Week

Congratulations to the Jazz on two terrific performances last week at both the traditional campus Jazz Show and at the Lancaster Theatre. Thank you to everyone who attended these events!

It has been a terrific year in the Panther Choirs. In addition to many musical honors we have had the opportunity to watch student grow as musicians and people. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful students at this incredible campus. In our constant effort to improve the Panther Choir we have developed Feedback surveys for students and parents. Students will be given the survey during our final classes this week. Parents, please take a moment to complete the brief parent survey HERE.

2018 Texas All-State Choir Audition Music

All-State Packets have arrived! If you have already ordered via our online form and paid your $20 you may pickup your packet in the Choir Office starting Tuesday. If you still need to purchase your packet you may bring $20 to the choir office (I ordered a few extras and can pick up more before the end of the week).

2017-2018 Choir Placement

We plan to announce 2017-2018 Choir placement by Tuesday evening. A link to the website will be sent through Charms when the results are posted. Auditions have been of very high quality and we are excited about next year!

2017-2018 Choir Leadership - Summer Opportunity

In addition to the elected leadership announced at Banquet, we assemble a team of student leaders that help to guide the choir program throughout the year including Section Leaders, Student Directors and class representatives. If you are interested in serving in a leadership role in the 2017-2018 Panther Choir please fill out the brief leadership application. We will be selecting a group of students from these applications to attend our leadership development workshop on Monday, July 31 at CHHS.

2017-2018 Schedule

This week we will begin finalizing events for the 2017-2018 school year. As events are confirmed and the final calendar developed it will be updated on our google calendar and posted on the CALENDAR PAGE of our website should you need to reference this for planning during the summer months.

MONDAY - Memorial Day Holiday

TUESDAY - Choir Placement Announced


THURSDAY - Half Day - FINALS - Graduation


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