2017-2018 Jazz Choirs

The auditions for Jazz Choirs were simply terrific. The small size of these groups makes this a HIGHLY competitive audition with scoring separated in many cases by only tenths of a point. We are so proud of each of you who auditioned. Congratulations! More information is coming soon! As always, please handle this news with empathy and kindness to those who will be disappointed. Every one of you that auditioned is wonderful and I wish we had space for all of you!

2017-2018 Ovation Jazz Choir

(This is going to be 7th Period - don't worry, I've already talked to your counselors - you are good)

Carvajal, Ben

Dubose, Skylar

Graham, Lauren

Hancock, Braeden

Jefferies, Abbey

Moore, Mandy

Nelson, Karyssa

Nguyen, Nate

Panjwani, Nasir

Poythress, Sarah

Richard, Emma

Self, Graham

Shapley, Savannah

Swinney, WIll

Yalamanchili, Rhea

Yates, Ayden

2017-2018 Di Voce Jazz Choir

(We aren't sure if this will be 6th or 7th - we will make sure you are good to go)

Bricout, Maddie

Brown, Katie

Dawson, Madison

Dozier, Alexis

Hancock, Jenna

Herman, Jayme

Holland, Anna

Hutto, Reagan

Irish, Bella

Larimer, Anne

Maupin, Kate

Moore, Gabby

Mota, Mackenzie

Parikh, Cassia

Phillips, Caitlin

Vogel, Alyssa

Wilmot, Taylor

Zuckert, Riley

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