Panther Choir Newsletter - Back to School

We are thrilled to welcome back both our returning and many new families to the Colleyville Heritage Panther Choir Family. The Panther Choir is recognized as one of the premier choral organizations in the state and nation. In this year alone the Panther Chorale has been invited to perform at the Texas Music Educator's Association Convention and the Southwest American Choral Director's Association Convention. Our Chamber Choir has been invited to perform a concert as a prelude to the weekly Evensong service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Individually, students in our program regularly place in our region and All-State Choirs, receive awards at our local musical theatre competitions, and receive scholarships to collegiate music programs nationwide. We strive to offer a comprehensive music education catered to each student's individual needs whether a future professional musician or simply a person who will be enriched by music throughout their lives. A key to our organization's success is communication. Each week you will receive our newsletter via email, you may also access this on our website at

Please look over the information in this first newsletter in detail. There is a great deal of information here to help you get your year started. If you encounter any specific questions we welcome your email to


The Panther Choir maintains a Google Calendar with an up to date listing of events. Please consider subscribing to our calendar via the links on our CALENDAR PAGE to have events downloaded directly to your personal calendar.

SOLAR ECLIPSE - Monday, August 21

On our first day of school we will experience a rare (first time in 38 years in the United States) astrological event with an approximate 75% coverage of the sun. The peak of this coverage will be at 1:09pm. You should have received a letter from our principal with information concerning how CHHS will allow students to view this WITH A SIGNED WAIVER during lunch times. Because Panther Chorale has A Lunch, these students would not have an opportunity to see the event with peak coverage. As this is a once in a lifetime event I have permission to take Chorale outside during the last part of class during the peak coverage to the viewing area setup at CHHS. We will go over safety procedures for viewing the eclipse before doing this. The school will have a limited number of telescopes with solar filters, viewing glasses, and pin hole cameras available. If you have eclipse glasses of your own please feel free to bring them. YOU MUST HAVE A SIGNED WAIVER TO BE ALLOWED OUTSIDE TO VIEW THE ECLIPSE -- ADMINISTRATION WILL BE CHECKING. LINK TO THE CHHS ECLIPSE WAIVER. Even if you are not in Chorale, you will be allowed to view the eclipse during lunch if you bring this signed Waiver.

Panther Chorale Retreat - Friday, August 25 - Saturday, August 26

We are exited to embark on our first ever Chorale Retreat for the Panther Chorale! (3rd Period, Panther Chorale Students Only). Because we are traveling in the first week of school we will need appropriate travel forms within the first week.

Please see THIS FLYER for more information

GET FIT DAY - Tuesday, August 29 6-8:30pm

The Panther Choir holds "Get Fit Day" each Fall to fit students in uniforms, process forms and fees, and give parents the needed information for the school year. We are doing this earlier this year as we have all new uniforms and everything has to be hemmed by our seamstress before the Fall Concert. Please make plans to attend this important event. We need both the student and an adult at the event. Please see below for details pertaining to your (your student's) specific choir. Please visit the GET FIT DAY INFORMATION PAGE for specific information concerning required and optional fees and to complete many forms in advance to speed up your evening.

Friday, September 1 - All-State Entries Due

Saturday, September 9 - Car Wash, Spirit of Texas Bank 10am-2pm

Saturday, September 16 - Lake Party (All invited), Rockledge Park / Jackson Pavillion, Lake Grapevine 4:30-7:30

Saturday, September 23 - District Auditions (All-State Round 1), Creekview HS


We are excited to take the choir on tour to Washington, DC in April. We were recently notified that we were selected to do a guest performance at Washington National Cathedral as a prelude to the weekly evensong service on Sunday, April 29, 2017. As we are limited to a smaller number of performers because of space, not every student traveling to Washington, DC will be able to be a part of this concert (though all students will sing at other events). Due to the extra events scheduled for our program with the State and National Convention performances Chamber Choir will not be traveling to San Antonio for competition this year. This being said, we have decided to audition this year's chamber choir from students traveling to Washington, DC. We will rehearse on Monday evenings throughout the year to prepare the 30 minute concert to sing at Washington National Cathedral. Details regarding these auditions will be posted shortly. Information concerning the trip to Washington, DC is on our TOUR PAGE. Space is limited, please signup early! Parents interested in chaperoning should NOT sign up yet. Information regarding chaperones will be sent out soon.


It is the goal of the CHHS Panther Choir to provide exceptional learning experiences for every student enrolled in our program. One way in which we realize this goal is through the GCISD Supplementary Music Program. The Supplementary Music Program serves a two-fold purpose. First, it allows interested students to receive individualized musical training. Secondly, it improves the performance level of the individual student, positively impacting the organization in which the student participates. By choosing to participate in this Program, students will receive high quality, individualized instruction from degreed professionals through which they will develop an even greater understanding of healthy singing and performance habits. To learn more about our voice lesson program please visit our VOICE LESSON INFORMATION PAGE. Space is limited so we encourage you to enroll early. Financial Assistance is available.


The Panther Choir Booster Club works to support the activities of the Panther Choir through both monetary and volunteer support. Please consider joining our booster club at one of our supporter levels. If you know of businesses that would consider being a business partner please share this information with them. As a registered 501(c)3 organization all donations to the Panther Choir Booster Club are tax deductible. Please see our BOOSTER PAGE for more information.

WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS FOR GET FIT NIGHT! Please consider volunteering your time to assist with Get Fit Night by signing up at the link below.


Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a fun and relaxing summer. My name is Nasir Panjwani, I will be the Choir President this school year, and I am very excited to get to know all of you. We have a big year ahead for the CHHS Choir program, and my goal as well as the goal of the rest of the Choir Officers is to make the experience as enjoyable, memorable, and inclusive as possible. The team has already been hard at work coming up with ideas and planning out activities for the year that we believe will be fun for everyone, as well as totally rebooting the Choir Buddy program, and we are so excited to get started with the year. If you ever have any questions about social events or other activities planned for the year, please feel free to contact me at my email, or call/text me at 817-701-8045, and I will do my best to answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. And students, please don’t ever be afraid to stop me in the halls to ask a question or even just say hi and introduce yourself since I don’t always get a chance to meet everyone in each choir. I am looking forward to a great year with each and every one of you!

MEET OUR STAFF (more info here)

TOP: Thomas Rinn, director; Rachel Massey, assistant director; Debby Barkey, accompanist; Miranda Benham, voice teacher;

BOTTOM: John Wilkerson, voice teacher; Michael Rausch, voice teacher; Lauren Lafferty, student teacher

Our New Choir Schedule - See our CALENDAR PAGE for the A/B Day Schedule

Please do not panic if your Skyward Schedule has a name that you do not recognize or not the teacher you are expecting for choir when you see it this evening (or when you saw it at orientation today). The names in Skyward for some reason do not match the actual class (WE ARE WORKING ON IT). I have gone through every student in choir individually and made sure you are in the correct period (there are only 3-4 that are not and we are working to fix it). Think about choir by PERIOD not by what the course name or teacher says. We will have it fixed ASAP. As long as you are in the correct PERIOD it isn't currently an emergency.

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