Panther Choir Newsletter 10/20/17

Thank you to the many people involved in making our GCISD United in Song Concert a success this week. The strength of choral music in GCISD was evident in this performance with over 500 students from 4th Grade through 12th grade representing our entire school district. As music educators we are grateful to teach in a community that sees the value in the arts and supports our choral programs. It is our firm belief that music education is not simply something "extra" for students but an integral part of their education as young adults. It is through participation in fine arts that students awaken creativity, learn collaboration, and develop persistence. We are thankful the opportunity for our students to collaborate in activities like this with he entire choral team in GCISD.


Students auditioning for the Region 31 9-10 Honor Choir will compete on Monday at Birdville HS. Please note the following information concerning the auditions:

ATTIRE: CHHS Panther Choir Shirt and appropriate legwear (you can be comfortable, bring layers un case it is cold in the waiting area)

SCHEDULE: Meet in the Choir room at 3pm (you will be excused from 8th period)

We will take a bus to and from Birdville HS. Students will NOT be allowed to use phones until the audition is completed. If you are riding the bus home we will arrive at approximately 9:30pm. Students will be able to call once we have loaded the bus.

Students may be picked up, but we must be notified in writing by the parent (email is great). In order to alert parents that the audition is complete, students must check out with security to use a phone.

FOOD: We will have pizza and water in the choir room at 3pm. Please bring money if you wish to purchase additional food / snacks from the concession stand at the audition.

Cuts for this audition can be found HERE

LA TRAVIATA, Tuesday, October 24

Due to a last minute cancellations, we now have 1 additional ticket available for La Traviata. If you are still interested please signup for the ticket HERE.

Schedule: Meet in the choir room at 5:45pm (bus leaves at 6). We expect to be home by 10:30pm.

Please eat before you you come!

Attire: Please "Dress-Up" for our trip to the opera. No shorts, athletic wear, etc.

CHHS vs GHS Game and Tailgate

The Panther Chorale will combine with the GHS Acappella Choir to perform the National Anthem at the Rivalry Game on Friday. Panther Chorale Only, please meet at the treed area at the South Gate of the Stadium at 6pm for a Pre-Game Tailgate followed by a brief rehearsal with GHS. We will sing at 7:30. Students are released after the performance to attend the game or leave as needed.

Chorale will also sing at the Pep Rally on Friday morning. Please meet in the choir room at 8:25am. Please wear JEANS and Black Choir Shirt for both events.


DID YOU FORGET TO TURN IN YOUR BUTTER BRAID FUNDRAISING FORM? Last chance for turn in, Monday morning before school in the Old Choir Room!

Please mark your calendar for Butter Braid Delivery on November 9th




Congratulations to all who auditioned at the second Round of All-State Auditions. Ever student from CHHS that auditioned Saturday earned a place in one of the Region 31 Honor Choirs. 14 of our students have advanced to Pre-Area. If you would like specific chair information before Monday please send me a message. I'm very proud of all of you.


Sam Caprio - Sop 1

Emma Richard - Sop 1

Abbey Jefferies - Sop 2

Lauren Graham - Sop 2

Alyssa Vogel - Alto 1

Anne Larmier - Alto 1

Kayrssa Nelson - Alto 2

Sarah Poythress - Alto 2

Melanie DeLaCruz - Alto 2

Will Swinney - Tenor 2

Ayden Yates - Tenor 2

Austin Farris - Tenor 2

Braden Hancock - Bass 1

Nasir Panjawani - Bass 1

Skylar Dubose - Bass 2

Nate Nguyen - Bass 2

Region Choir not Advancing to Pre-Area (Chairs 18-24)

Katie Brown - Sop 1

Shayla Hill - Alto 1

Region Treble Choir

Jenna Hancock Sop 1

Savannah Shapley Sop 2

Nicole Bibeau Sop 2

Mandy Moore - Alto 1

Ashley Jefferies - Alto 1

Landry Champlin - Alto 2

Region 9-10 Honor Choir

Jake Watson - Bass 1

Please plan on a Pre-Area Sectional this THURSDAY 4:15-5:15pm to get to work on the next round of audition music.

FROM THE PANTHER CHOIR BOOSTERS Ware gearing up for our annual Silent Auction and Bella Notte Dinner prior to the Winter Concert on December 14th. THANK YOU for donating auction items and connecting with your favorite local businesses! People really do want to be a part of something excellent, and our choirs embody an excellence that is recognized not only in our district, but throughout the state! Feel free to use the attached letter to help your efforts in gathering auction items! Thank you!


Please see our CALENDAR PAGE for a complete listing of Panther Choir Events

Monday, October 23 - 9/10 auditions, Birdville HS

Tuesday, October 24 - La Traviata

Thursday, October 26 - Pre-Area Sectional 4:15-5:15pm

Friday, October 27 - Pep-Rally (Chorale Sings), Chorale tailgate and national anthem at game vs. GHS

Monday, October 30 - Sing-Out rehearsal

Friday, November 3rd - SING-OUT

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