Panther Choir Newsletter 5/5/18

After a quick recovery from our Washington, DC trip we had a wonderful Jazz Show on Thursday night and are looking forward to tonight's dinner show at the Lancaster Theatre. Thank you for your support of our Jazz Choirs! As we look forward to the final weeks of school please look over the information below regarding Banquet, Student Leadership, and Choir Auditions.

Student Leadership Elections

As we look forward to next year we are ready to elect our Student Leadership team. In addition to this elected team there will be appointed positions added including equipment managers, section leaders, and a student director in the future. Please see our STUDENT LEADERSHIP PAGE for more information regarding the positions. Students interested in running for elected office should complete the application (including uploading a campaign video) by Thursday, May 10 at 8:30am.


Concert Video Orders

TMEA Video Update

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the video from the TMEA Concert. This order has been very slow. I received the artwork proofs this week for the CD / DVD cover which tells me we are close on production. I also had a conversation with the company that indicated to me that some of the problem has been waiting on copyright clearance for Canta! as it was from a small publisher overseas and we've had trouble with the rights on this. I hope to have these in your hands shortly.

Spring Concert and Jazz Show

Both the Spring Concert and Jazz Show (Lancaster Performance) are available on DVD or Flash Drive.

If you would like to order a copy of the either of these performance, please VISIT THIS LINK. You may pay via PayPal or send a check to the school. If you previously ordered the Spring Concert Video they should be ready shortly.

2018 Choir Banquet

Did you forget to turn in your money on Friday? You may continue to order Banquet tickets online this weekend. All tickets must be ordered and money turned in to the choir office BEFORE SCHOOL ON MONDAY. The absolute deadline is 9am Monday Morning. Tickets are $30 per person. Please RSVP via THIS LINK . All outstanding choir fees must be paid in full before banquet tickets will be issued. Invoices for outstanding fees have been emailed and paper copies will be given to students.

Already reserved your ticket online but still need to Pay? Visit our online store for the PayPal Link.

Jazz Choir Auditions

We are excited to start our auditions for the 2018-2019 Jazz Choirs. The initial auditions are being held this week, Wednesday and Thursday after-school in the Main Choir Room. Please sign-up for a time via the link below. If you are using a live accompanist you must audition on Thursday, after school. If you are using a recorded accompaniment you may audition on either day. Current jazz choir students may audition during their class time on Thursday with a recorded audition (no need to sign up)

1. Individual Auditions - by appointment - SIGN UP HERE

In this audition you should be prepared to do the following:

a. Perform a short excerpt (approximately 16 measures) of a jazz, pop, or musical theatre solo. This should be accompanied (not a cappella). You may use recorded accompaniment, or you may bring sheet music and we will provide live accompaniment. Recorded accompaniment should not have any lead vocals on it. Please indicate on your signup if you will need a live pianist.

b. Sight-Reading: You will be given 30 seconds to study an advanced sight-reading exercise which you will then sing for the judges. Use the sample sight-reading practices for Chorale above and expect that there will be more advanced rhythms and intervals.


We have already filled our tour to approximately 50% capacity! Please continue to turn in registration forms to the Choir Office for the May 15 deadline. Please see the TOUR PAGE for registration information and payment forms. Please note that all forms should come directly to the choir office, not to USIT directly. Also, please note that registration is currently only open for student travel. Information concerning adult travel will be available after May 15 as we assess our available space.


The audition music for the 2019 Texas All-State Choir has been announced HERE. The announced music restulted in a price change for the packets (if you have already ordered / paid for your packet we will fix this). Please complete the THIS FORM and we will get music ordered for you. Men's packets are $19 and Women's packets are $14. You may pay online or via the choir office.

Have you signed up for an All-State Choir Camp? Many camps are starting to fill up. Some of our students favorite camps include local and affordable options at Texas Christian University and the University of Texas at Arlington. Get registered today!

LIST OF SUMMER ALL-STATE CAMPS (Registration for many camps is already open and popular camps fill up quickly


We are furiously working to finish placement for next years choirs but are just a bit behind in this process. We should finish up auditions within the week and complete placements next week. We will assist in getting schedules fixed as needed, please do not panic! If you have specific questions, please email Mr. Rinn.


Wednesday - Jazz Choir Auditions 4:10-5:30pm

Thursday - Jazz Choir Auditions 4:10-8:00pm

Friday- Choir Banquet @ Colleyville Center

Please see our CALENDAR PAGE for a complete listing of Panther Choir Events

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