Panther Choir Newsletter 5/26/18

Congratulations to all of our student who competed in the CHHS Vocal Solo Festival this week. Over 70 of our students performed solos for judges on Tuesday where 20 advanced to the finals recital on Thursday night. After an evening of terrific performances on Thursday the following students were chosen by our guest adjudicator Dr. Wes Moore, Dean of the School of Music at DBU, as prize winners.

Outstanding Performers - $100 Scholarship Winners

Skylar Dubose, bass

Lauren Graham, soprano

Savannah Shapley, soprano

William Swinney, tenor

Honorable Mention Awards from Each Choir

Annah Holland, soprano (Chorale)

Alyssa Vogel, soprano (Concert Women)

Jenna Hancock, soprano (Choraliers)

Aidan Thomas, baritone (Men's Choir)

Welcome Mr. Adam Gilliland as Assistant Choral Director

After an extensive search garnering over fourty applications we are excited to name the next Assistant Choral Director of the Panther Choirs, Mr. Adam Gilliland. We are thrilled to have him on our team and excited about the next chapter in the legacy of the Panther Choirs. A graduate of Baylor University,

Mr. Gilliland comes to us from Coppell High School where he has served as the Assistant Director of Choirs. Watch our website for more information about him soon!

Concert Video Orders

All concert videos, including TMEA orders, Spring Concert, and the Jazz Show have been delivered to the choir office. Please stop by to pick yours up this week!

Elected Student Leadership

Congratulations to our student leadership team! I am excited to begin working with you as we work to create another memorable year in the Panther Choirs.

Jayme Herman, president

Ben Carvajal, vice-president

Jenna Hancock, Choir Council

Clayton Horn, Choir Council

Will Swinney, Choir Council

Additional appointed leadership team members will be added to create our full leadership team. After reviewing choir rosters if you are interested in serving in one of the following leadership positions please fill out THIS APPLICATION

Student Director - Chorale

(Auditions and interviews for this position will be in the fall but I would like you to attend summer leadership training)

Chorale Section Leaders

Equipment Manager

Hair & Makeup Coordinator (Girls)

This is a new position to assist your two Male Directors in teaching our ladies how we want hair and makeup done for performance

Concert Women Class Representative

Concert Men (new class) Class Representative

Class Representatives and Section Leaders for Men's Choir, Women's Choir and Choraliers will be chosen in the Fall

2018-2019 Panther Choirs

Placing students in an appropriate choir is one of the hardest jobs that I have and I take it very seriously. I have spent much time looking over these lists and trying to catch any possible mistakes, however, it is very possible that someone was left off or a typo made. I respectfully ask that you contemplate the results of this audition and allow me time to finish organizing paperwork and reviewing information before making contact with me as described below. If you are missing from this list, please contact me immediately. If you have questions concerning your audition I will be happy to visit with you via the process below starting June 1 as I need to focus my time and energy on the immediate needs of the Choral Department as we complete the school year. This list will be provided to the counseling department and adjustments will be made to schedules as needed. Students enrolled in a choir class that they did not place in via audition will be removed by the counseling department. Every student is welcome in the CHHS Panther Choirs. If you want to be a part of your program and you name is not on this list, please contact Mr. Rinn as soon as possible.

We are proud of all of our students and very encouraged by the high level of musicianship displayed throughout the audition process. The 2018-2019 Panther Choirs will be stronger and larger than ever and we are exited to work with you all.

Please note the following information found in our choir handbook.

Each day is an audition for future choir placement - make every day count!

All students are auditioned for placement; however, it should be noted that the CHHS Panther Choir offers a variety of performing organizations to meet the educational needs of all students interested in singing. We have many courses each catering to varied individual needs in order to provide the most complete and effective music education to each student. Auditions for choir placement are an ongoing process that culminate at the end of the year with an individual audition. We make every effort to be fair and provide opportunities for as many students as possible in our program; however, with nearly 200 students in choir there will always be competition at auditions. We spend many hours and use our best professional judgement when making decisions following auditions.

Inevitably there will be disappointment with the results of any audition. Part of our role as arts educators is to help educate students on how to handle the high pressure of auditions, how to handle both bad and good news, how to ask for feedback in a constructive and professional way, and how to act with compassion to their classmates in the same situation. Once posted, all audition results are final and not open to debate; however, we would be happy to discuss areas of improvement with you for future auditions. In our quest to educate students to professionally handle the audition process and advocate for themselves we respectfully ask that the student contact us via email to so that we can provide constructive written feedback. If the information provided via email needs further explanation we are happy to schedule a conference with the student and/or parent to discuss areas for improvement.

Our goal as educators is to teach every student to be highly successful and at times we must make very difficult decisions that as professionals we know are best for the student. As professional musicians we have placed both first and last in auditions. Do not allow one audition performance to define your success as a musician.

Please see 2018-2019 Panther Choir Rosters HERE.


While the initial deadline for registration has passed, there are a few spots still available. I will be sending an additional packet of registrations to USIT at the end of this week. Please submit your registration to the Choir Office ASAP if you would still like to go.

I have emailed parent chaperones who requested a place to travel with us. Please contact Mr. Rinn if you have additional questions concerning this.


Did you intend to register for our Vocal Ensemble Class next year? Our vocal ensemble class is a small group setting open to any student enrolled in another choir class where we focus on individual vocal development and competition. In the Fall we focus on helping students in the All-State process through group work, individual lessons, and personal practice time as well as helping seniors who are working toward college auditions to prepare for scholarship auditions. In the spring, students engage in various vocal competitions, recitals, and other activities to build individual skills.

This class has a new course name for 2018-2019 as it is not an official GCISD course with state credit attached. Students interested in being a part of this class should be enrolled in Applied Music, Period 6 with Mr. Rinn. If you want to be added to this course (or registered for the wrong course - you might have chosen Vocal Ensemble as this was the course name we used this year) please fill out THIS SCHEDULING ISSUE FORM.


Are you currently in voice lessons or thinking about taking voice lessons next year? I need to get a count of students to determine if we need to hire an additional voice instructor. Would you like to enroll in voice lessons over the summer to get to work on All-State Music and prepare for next year? You might even choose to take only over the summer and not through the year next year (our teachers will be teaching at GHS as our building is closed). Please FILL OUT THIS FORM if you are interested and we will be in contact.


Summer GCISD All-State Camp - August 6-7, 6pm-9pm - Mark Your Calendars Now!

Interested in looking ahead to next year's events? The CHS-CHOIR Google Calendar has been updated with events for the year! Please see our CALENDAR PAGE for a complete listing of Panther Choir Events.

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