Get Fit Day 2019 Information

- Get Fit Day! -

Saturday, September 7 | 8:00 am - 1:00 pm | Colleyville Heritage F Hall

Choir registration or "Get Fit Day" is Tomorrow! This is our day to take care of all of the choir forms, fees, concert uniforms, and information you will need for the school year. We understand that there may be school conflicts on this day, but we ask that every student AND parent/guardian makes a concerted effort to attend and help us prepare for our school year. We can't wait to see you all!

- Get Fit Day Schedule -

9:00 am | Welcome Breakfast | Learning Commons

Choir Officers and New Choir Members

9:30 am | New to Choir Meeting

Parents and singers new to CHHS Choir

9:30 am | Chorale Fittings and Registration

10:30 am | New to Choir Fittings and Registration

11:30 am | Concert Choir Fittings and Registration

- Required Forms -

Students in all classes received a copy of these forms this week to help be prepared and expedite the process of registration tomorrow. All forms are required to be turned in by all students. Should you not currently have them, they are printable from the links below.

- Handbook Contract -

- Field Trip Permission Form -

- Field Trip Emergency Form -

- GCISD Extra-curricular Pledge -

- Get Fit Day Expenses -

There are required and optional fees that we will collect tomorrow. We understand with all the fees paid to the school and the district at the start of the year that it may often be confusing what you are putting money towards. We have created a brief explanation at the link below to try to clear some of the confusion. Please know that we do our best to accommodate every financial situation to the best of our ability, and we never want finances to be a hinderance to student participation.

- Choir Expense Information -

- Maps -

- Parking Map -

- CHHS Campus Map -

- Uniform Information -

Sizing for choir uniforms are one of the most important elements of our Get Fit Day. We are fortunate to be able to provide uniform rentals to each student for a minimal cost, and we appreciate your help in meeting the additional needs of the uniforms found in the link below.

- Uniform Information -

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