Panther Choir Newsletter | 03.23.20

As we continue to move through this unprecedented time we are hard at work in the Panther Choir finding ways to continue our mission of providing a rich music education for students with an emphasis on building strong character through music participation. Music has a unique ability in times of trauma such as this to connect and inspire people. We will continue to build on what we have already created in our classroom during this time to build P.R.I.D.E among our singers. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is any support (musical or otherwise) we can offer our choir family during this time.

- 2020 Senior Singers -

Stuart Beck Mackenzie Mota Ayden Yates

3 year choir member 4 year choir member 4 year choir member

Chorale, Ovation Chorale, Chamber, Di Voce Chorale, Chamber, Ovation

After graduation, Stuart plans on After graduation, Mackenzie plans After graduation Ayden plans

attending Brigham Young on pursuing Criminal Justice at TCC. on pursuing History at UNT. University.

In order to continue recognizing our outstanding Senior class, we would ask that you take a moment to fill out the following form, linked below. We will need a photo of each of you as a part of this form. Please consider using a senior photo or having someone capture a new photo.

- Senior Information Form -

- Office Hours -

Monday - Friday | 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

As a part of the new online platform, we will be holding daily online office hours to answer questions, clarify any possible new content/materials, and provide encouragement and support as you need. Mr. Rinn and Mr. Gilliland will be online together during this time each day using Webex*. The link below will take you directly to the online meeting where Mr. Rinn and Gilliland will grant you access to join. If you are not granted access immediately, it may be because we are working with another student. You may also email to ensure current availability or ask questions. We will use the final 30 minutes of this time each day for an open "virtual lunchtime" with any and all students who want to join in. If you have a question outside of these office hours, please feel free to email and one of the directors will respond as we are able.

- Webex Choir Office -

- District Webex Instructions* -

- Nine-Weeks Grades -

Due: Friday by 4:00 pm

As you are likely aware, the district extended the third grading period by a week in order to ensure access to necessary materials. We will not be assigning any new grades to students, but we are offering opportunities to complete or reattempt work that would be negatively impacting a grade. Should you be missing work, you should receive a notice via email; this is also viewable in Skyward. Assignments are offered through Google Classroom with all necessary instructions for each of our class periods. Please understand, as a performance based classroom, there are exceptional challenges in offering you like opportunities to assess skill sets online. We are doing our best to offer applicable, meaningful, and knowledge enhancing options for the remainder of the grading period. Should you have any questions, please email or visit with us during office hours. As we begin this process, we have created a list of activities that will help you continue your musical development at home. While these are all optional enrichment activities at this point, turning in any of these assignments this week will give you a 100 to replace your lowest grade in the gradebook (even a 0 for a missing assignment).

- Panther Choir Distance Learning Enrichment Opportunities -

In an effort to continue building out our community together, we have put together a Flipgrid in which we are asking students to share music that has inspired and encouraged them or that they have made themselves. Our hope is that we will continue spreading music, both choral and non, during this time! Password is available in your Google Classroom.

- Virtual Voice Lessons -

We are so thankful to have an incredible staff of voice teachers ready and willing to continue serving and helping our students grow vocally during this time with virtual voice lessons. While lessons may be a little less traditional, they are one of the best opportunities we can offer to continue singing and working towards your own vocal growth. Our voice faculty is offering enrollment to new students as well as continued lessons with students already committed to this process. If you are currently in lessons, we ask that you directly contact your voice instructor to set up lesson times. If you are interested in beginning virtual voice lessons with one of our instructors, we ask that you fill out the Google Form linked below with necessary information. We understand the difficulty of the time with the uncertainty of the economy and employments, and we are thankful to be able to offer financial assistance to any student that would like to begin or continue lessons. We do not want financial need to be a hindrance from your progress, and we will offer what we can to support your growth during this time. Financial assistance is available for new students as well as former students, even if your were not on financial aid previously. If you would like to sign-up for virtual lessons or for financial aid, please fill out the Google Form linked below.

- Virtual Voice Lessons Form -

- Voice Lesson Contract & Information -

- Financial Aid Information -

- 2019-2020 Choir Auditions and Placement -

Although we are away from campus, we still need to continue end of course voice evaluations and choir placements for students continuing in our program. Thankfully, we have done much of this online in the past. We are currently finishing up plans to move this entire process online and expect to have our audition plans posted by the end of this week. Electronic submission of material will begin next week and we will finish with in person sight-reading (either at school or via a web conference) the week of April 13.

- Audition Information (to be updated this week) -

- New York -

Thank you for your patience during this time as we work through our trip cancellation with our friends at USIT. They are a major company, responsible for travel of groups all of the world, and they are making every effort to offer timely information and reimbursement of trip payments. We will be in communication with our registered participants as information is shared with us.

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