Panther Choir Newsletter | 04.20.20

Good morning CHHS Choir family! We want to share our sadness with the announcement that we will not be returning to school the remainder of this year. It is a challenge that we are going to wrestle with the remaining 6 weeks of the school year, but also an opportunity to exercise creativity, collaboration, and community in new and lasting ways. We want to encourage you that while we may not be in the classroom with you everyday, we are here for you everyday however we can be. If you ever need our encouragement, support, or help, you are always able to reach out to us. We would also encourage you to be a line of support and hope for the others in your choir and all of your classes as you are able and willing. There are so many who thrive off of the community that school creates for them, and they may be facing difficulties that we cannot understand or know. This is a unique moment in our lives and in our worlds history, but it is an amazing opportunity to build identity and belief in ourselves, community and support with others, and something that will outlast the negative effects of this virus. We think of you daily and care for you all deeply!

- 2020 Senior Singers -

Austin Farris Audrey Money Javier Casanova

4 year choir member 4 year choir member 2 year choir member

Chorale, Chamber, Ovation Chorale, Chamber, Ovation Chorale

After graduation, Austin plans After graduation, Audrey plans After graduation Javier plans

on pursuing Business at on pursuing Business with a on pursuing Dramatic Arts or

Baylor University. Sic 'em! music minor at University of Oregon. Musical Theatre at either


In order to continue recognizing our outstanding Senior class, we would ask that you take a moment to fill out the following form, linked below. We will need a photo of each of you as a part of this form. Please consider using a senior photo or having someone capture a new photo.

- Senior Information Form -

- Senior Scholarship Application -

Submissions Due: April 21, 4:00 pm

Our Senior Scholarship application is now available online. To be eligible for scholarship consideration students must be graduating in May 2020, an active member of the CHHS Choir program with at least two years of participation, and enrolling in higher education this coming Fall. Applicants should complete the application available at the link below, or found on the scholarship page of our choir website. Applicants are evaluated by a blind Scholarship Committee of non-senior choir parents on their musical and community involvement. Applications are due to the Scholarship Committee via online submission by Tuesday, April 21 at 4:00 pm.

- Senior Scholarship Application -

- Choir Officers -

Applications and Resumes due this Friday, April 24th!

A primary goal of the Colleyville Heritage Panther Choirs is to foster student leaders. In cooperation with the choral department staff our student leaders play an important role in the success of the our ensembles. We take these positions very seriously and want only the best students in positions of leadership. The choir officers should serve as examples to all students in the department through their daily actions, rehearsal etiquette, attitude, and involvement in the program. First and foremost it is expected that leaders in the Panther Choir embody the virtues of our program. The selection process for student leaders in the Panther Choir varies depending on the position desired. Executive board members and the student director must apply and interview for the positions.

- Choir Officer Application -

- Office Hours -

Monday - Friday | 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

As a part of the new online platform, we will be holding daily online office hours to answer questions, clarify any possible new content/materials, and provide encouragement and support as you need. Mr. Rinn and Mr. Gilliland will be online together during this time each day using Webex*. The link below will take you directly to the online meeting where Mr. Rinn and Gilliland will grant you access to join. If you are not granted access immediately, it may be because we are working with another student. You may also email to ensure current availability or ask questions. We will use the final 30 minutes of this time each day for an open "virtual lunchtime" with any and all students who want to join in. If you have a question outside of these office hours, please feel free to email and one of the directors will respond as we are able.

- Webex Choir Office -

- District Webex Instructions* -

- Learning@Home -

Assignments for Week of April 20 - April 24

As we are continuing forward with this online platform for the remainder of the year, please reach out should you have any issues with access or understanding your assignments. We are here to support you however we can! You can access your assignments for choir from Google Classroom. Please see the weekly checklist for Choir Assignments for Week 6 of Distance Learning. Email us at anytime and/or visit us during our daily online office hours 10:30-12:30 via the WebEx Office. Note that you have TWO tasks to complete during the week. The daily checklist is a suggestion of how to manage your time, however, you are are able to work at your own pace that works with your home schedule this week. You should complete both tasks (Repertoire Recording and Enrichment Activity) by Friday at 4:00.

- 2019-2020 Choir Auditions and Placement -

Audition Updates

Our goal is to finalize audition submissions this week from all students. All students, regardless of future plans for participation in choir, will complete a portion of the assessment process as a part of your graded classwork. Arena Scheduling: As we are trying to work with the counselors to get your arena scheduling as close to correct as possible, we provided them with a GUESS of what choir you would be in based on what we've gotten from you thus far. Obviously, we aren't done hearing people yet and this could change. This was simply an estimate to try make things as easy as possible for everyone. After this week we will have final results for Panther Chorale. It is also possible that a counselor has not adjusted your schedule at all and may not reflect what we told them. Please be patient. After this week we will have final lists and will work with counselors to get everything correct.

This week, if you plan to audition for Chorale and have not yet completed a sight-reading audition, please sight up now. If the available times do not work for you, please communicate with us today so we can help find a time for you to audition.


All Students will be completing the following:

- An Irish Blessing | final steps in this week's assignments

- A Recorded Vocal Evaluation


- Current Juniors; Because we know that the majority of you will be in Panther Chorale next year and Arena scheduling has already opened, we have instructed the counselors to open Panther Chorale for all seniors to register - if you have an issue, email Mr. Rinn (not your counselor)

- Current Freshman & Sophomores; Your automatic choir placement will be Concert Choir - If you'd like to audition for chorale you are encouraged to do so. You will be expected to follow the full audition process listed above. You will receive further information on how to sign-up for auditions.

- Current 8th Graders; After speaking with the middle school teachers we feel it is best to NOT AUDITION incoming students this year. We will all start the year together and adjust as needed. If there is an incoming 9th grader that feels they are ready to attempt a varsity level choir, they may contact Mr. Rinn and complete the same audition that our 10th-12th graders are doing.

- JAZZ CHOIRS - We will update the jazz choir audition information this week. Plan on singing a short excerpt using a karaoke backing track. We will announce dates for these auditions shortly. MOST LIKELY, we will be listening to these auditions via an online setting - either by recording your song, or performing live during a WebEx. Details will be released this week. We will work with you to get your schedule fixed after auditions.

- Audition Information -

- A Message from Ms. Allen -

- CHHS Solo Contest Finals Recital -

We are moving the Voice Competition Finals recital to an ONLINE format. Singers will prepare solos and record them. We will produce a digital recital video. These will be evaluated and judged by a college voice professor - all students will be given written feedback and we will award scholarships for overall winners and divisional winners. Details will come from your voice teachers (or from us this week if you aren't in voice lessons).

In an effort to continue building out our community together, we have put together a Flipgrid in which we are asking students to share music that has inspired and encouraged them or that they have made themselves. Our hope is that we will continue spreading music, both choral and non, during this time! Password is available in your Google Classroom.

- Virtual Voice Lessons -

We are so thankful to have an incredible staff of voice teachers ready and willing to continue serving and helping our students grow vocally during this time with virtual voice lessons. While lessons may be a little less traditional, they are one of the best opportunities we can offer to continue singing and working towards your own vocal growth. Our voice faculty is offering enrollment to new students as well as continued lessons with students already committed to this process. If you are currently in lessons, we ask that you directly contact your voice instructor to set up lesson times. If you are interested in beginning virtual voice lessons with one of our instructors, we ask that you fill out the Google Form linked below with necessary information. We understand the difficulty of the time with the uncertainty of the economy and employments, and we are thankful to be able to offer financial assistance to any student that would like to begin or continue lessons. We do not want financial need to be a hindrance from your progress, and we will offer what we can to support your growth during this time. Financial assistance is available for new students as well as former students, even if your were not on financial aid previously. If you would like to sign-up for virtual lessons or for financial aid, please fill out the Google Form linked below.

- Virtual Voice Lessons Form -

- Voice Lesson Contract & Information -

- Financial Aid Information -

- Choir Camps -

Throughout the summer, many of our students begin preparing for the TMEA All-State auditions by taking advantage of the wonderful teaching and performance opportunities offered through All-State Choir Camps that occur around the state. These camps, hosted by state and private Universities, offer students an opportunity to learn the All-State literature in a group environment from experienced educators. Camps are 2-4 days in length and vary in price according to the university and housing needs. Many of these camps conclude with a “concert” that is recorded and open to the public. Attendance at one of these camp not only provides a huge boost to the student in the all-state process but also enriches them with wonderful musical and social experiences. In light of the current situation, camps are continuing to take registrants with guarantees of refunds should they be necessary. To encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities, we have decided to re-open our scholarship opportunity for these camps provided by the CHHS Choir Booster Team. Visit our Choir Camp page on the website by clicking the link below, and if you have any questions, please reach out.

- Choir Camp Information -

- New York Trip Cancellation -

Thank you for your patience during this time as we work through our trip cancellation with our friends at USIT. They are a major company, responsible for travel of groups all of the world, and they are making every effort to offer timely information and reimbursement of trip payments. We will be in communication with our registered participants as information is shared with us.

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