Panther Choir Newsletter | 06.01.20

Congratulations Class of 2020! We have made it to the end of an unprecedented school year. We thank our students, parents, and community for your support through this time. For those leaving our choir family we send our well wishes and assurance that your legacy will continue to live on in the Panther Choirs. It is a privilege to serve this community and the students of CHHS and I look forward to what we will continue to do together in the coming years. This will be the last regular newsletter of the 2019-2020 school year. Updates concerning 2020-2021 will be posted as needed over the summer. Enjoy your summer break!

-Mr. Rinn

- Welcome Mr. Standish -

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our Panther Choir Team, Mr. Nick Standish. I am thrilled to have him join our team and for all that he will add to our program.

About me:

I am from Carrollton, TX, and I graduated from UNT where I majored in Music Education: Voice Concentration. I have a younger sister who also studies education at UNT and two amazing parents. I love traveling and have been to almost every continent. My favorite place to visit so far has been Budapest. I am fairly fluent in ASL and love learning about different cultures. I love dogs and volunteer at the local shelter as well. I can't wait to get to meet you all in person (hopefully soon) and I hope you all have an amazing summer!

Why did I choose to study music education?

I was involved in band and choir all through middle school and high school and I fell in love not only with music, but with leadership, the sense of community, and the camaraderie, too. I had amazing directors who pushed me to be my best and helped me discover my passion for music and teaching. I chose to pursue a degree in this particular field because I wanted to give back and help students like myself reach their full potential and find an appreciation in being involved in something bigger than themselves.

Why did you want to join us in the CHHS Choir program?

The program really has such an amazing reputation and I have firsthand been able to witness the talent, passion, and energy that this choral program is so well known for. I felt that I really could contribute to the program and bring even more to the already amazing choirs at CHHS. I am beyond excited to meet you all and begin a new journey with such amazing students, parents, and of course Mr. Rinn.

What are you looking forward to the most next year?

Well, for starters, being able to meet in person would be a real bonus. Truthfully, I am looking forward mostly to getting to know each and every one of you and learning all that I can from the amazing students of CHHS. I can't wait to make amazing music with you all, share some laughter, and create lasting memories.

- 2020-2021 Choir Placement -

As you can imagine, completing auditions for the 2020-2021 Panther Chorale and Jazz Choirs has been a difficult task during the shutdown. While auditions are always a difficult process, the issues and concerns brought up while doing these remotely are simply unprecedented.

Placing students in an appropriate choir is one of the hardest jobs that we have and we take it very seriously. We have spent much time looking over these lists and trying to catch any possible mistakes, however, it is very possible that someone was left off or a typo made. We respectfully ask that you contemplate the results of this audition and allow me time to finish organizing paperwork and reviewing the information before making contact with me as described below. If you believe there is an obvious error please contact Mr. Rinn. If you have questions concerning your audition I will be happy to visit with you via the process described witht the roster. This list will be provided to the counseling department and adjustments will be made to schedules as needed. We will work to be certain your schedule is correct before the start of the school year. Because of the unique nature of this year, this list cannot be considered final and permanent. We will address needs in August as we start the new school year and work to make sure that all students are in an appropriate class.

2020-2021 Panther Chorale, Ovation Jazz Choir, and Di Voce Jazz Choir Rosters

- Uniform Return -

If you were unable to return your choir uniform at the end of the year please do the following:


Please contact Mr. Rinn. You must have your uniform turned in to be cleared for graduation.

Students Returning to CHHS:

You will be placed on the school fine list until your uniform is returned (which will have to happen as we register and start the new school year). The school is currently shut down and not accessible for the summer.

- Virtual Concert & Awards -

We hope you enjoyed our virtual awards presentation on Tuesday. For those that missed it, we'd like to share a few of the highlights below.

- 2020 Panther Choir Boosters Senior Scholarship Winners -

Stuart Beck $1000

Lindsay Deborah $1000

Sarina Hassan $1000

Audrey Money $1000

Nathaniel Nguyen $1000

William Swinney $1000

Jake Watson $1000

- 2019-2020 CHHS Classical Vocal Solo Festival -

Overall Winner - William Swinney - $150

1st Runner-Up - Mattison Beezley - $100

2nd Runner-Up - Ryan Bieryla - $100

Most Outstanding, Intermediate Division - Aidan Thomas - $50

Most Outstanding, Beginning Division - Allie Sparks - $50

- 2019-2020 Panther Choir Leadership and Service Award -

William Swinney


- 2020-2021 Panther Choir Leaderships -

Jenna Hancock, president

Nicholas Charles, vice-president Lauren Abell, choir council

Mattison Beezley, choir council

Ryan Bieryla, choir council

Avelyn Garlish, choir council

Krzysztof Witt, choir council

Click here to view videos of Performances and Award Presentation

- New York Tour, April 2021 -

We are seeking district approval for the Panther Choirs to travel to New York City in April of 2021. This trip is open to any student enrolled in the Panther Choir. Enrollment information will be available upon district approval.

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