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Welcome back to school Singing Panthers! This is not how any of us would have imagined starting the 2020 school year. We are committed to providing you a terrific experience in the Panther Choir that allows you to grow as a musician and person. During our first weeks of virtual learning we will learn to have choir in this new environment. Some of our singers will be working in this way through the first nine weeks of school and realistically, we must all be prepared to pivot to this format of learning at any time during the school year. There will be a learning curve for both students and teachers. We commit to patience and grace in all things as we work through this together. Please review the information below to help you navigate the first week of school. We will continue to roll out more information as we progress. Parents, please plan to attend (virtually) the parent meeting on Thursday, August 20 at 6 pm.

Choral music in a virtual environment presents specific challenges. At its core, choral music participation is a group, collaborative event. In order to support our students to be as successful as possible we have taken the following steps as of August.

Online Learning Packs

We have created online learning packs and have distributed them via a drive-by-pickup at CHHS. If you have not received yours, please contact the directors so that we can make sure you have what you need. These packs include items both for learning and spirit items from the CHHS Choir.

The packs contain:

  • CHHS Choir drawstring backpack - For safety we are eliminating the sharing of materials whenever possible. This bag will give you a place to keep and organize your choir items.

  • CHHS Choir water bottle - Singers need hydration. When we are in person we have water fountains in our room, however, these will not be accessible at least at the start of the year. Consider personalizing your water bottle so that when we do return to in person singing you can identify yours.

  • CHHS Panther Choir ear buds - As you participate in online learning you will need earbuds that plug into your computer.

  • CHHS red choir shirt - We distribute these every year for informal choir events.

  • CHHS Choir pull over.- We will not be able to distribute formal uniforms until the pandemic situation improves. The pullover will serve as our performing uniform until we are able to distribute formal uniforms.

  • Choir binder - We've packed your choir binder with music, learning materials, some of the GCISD Forms that you need, and pencils.

Preparing the Choir Room for Virtual Learning

We have purchased sound equipment to improve the online learning experience for choir - We have professional microphones routed into our Webex and an external camera so that you are able to hear the directors singing, piano playing, recordings, and ultimately the other singers in the room.

Preparing Home for Virtual Learning

Students will be most successful when they have a dedicated place for learning. For choir, students may be asked to stand, move around, and will certainly sing. For many students, their confidence and comfort level in participating in choir without other singers around them will be a significant struggle. If possible, find a place where they can participate in choir in a private setting. It is a personal struggle for many students and adults to have someone else hear them sing alone. Work to create an encouraging environment and provide students privacy.

- Class Schedules -

Here are the actual links for WebEx rooms:

Concert Tenor and Bass Choir -

Panther Chorale -

Concert Treble -

Choraliers -

Applied Music -

Di Voce -

Ovation -

- Fall Parent Meeting -

Parents (new and returning), we will be holding our fall meeting on Thursday, August 20th from 6:00pm-7:30pm via WebEx (we will record it for any parents that are unable to attend). We will go over the fall with you all and what that will look like for our choir students as well as answer any questions that you may have. The link for the meeting is below.

Mr. Rinn and Mr. Standish are looking forward to virtually meeting you all soon!

Fall Parent WebEx Meeting

- Voice Lessons -

Voice lessons will still be happening! If you are interested in taking lessons please fill out the Google Form below! This is a great way to receive one-on-one vocal training from an amazing voice teacher and grow as a singer and as a musician. We are planning on doing them remotely, but of course, once we receive more information from our voice teachers we will get that information to you all.


- All-State Process -

The TMEA All-State process is still happening this year as well even amid all the craziness! The process will be much different than years before in that auditions will be happening virtually and there will be no sight reading either. This may help those of us who have wanted to audition in the past, but have been nervous of the in-person auditions or the sight reading portion. All-State is an amazing learning opportunity and a chance to grow both musically and mentally. Mr. Rinn and Mr. Standish are planning on having sectionals and rehearsals for anyone who may be interested once we figure out how we are able to accomplish those things. If you are interested in auditioning and would like to get an All-State music packet from us included in your Online Learning Pack please fill out the Google Form below. We ask that you seriously consider whether or not you are willing to put in the time to learn the music and audition. It can seem daunting, but the pay off is unbelievable.

All-State Interest Form

- Calendar for 2020-2021 -

We are still making a few updates to the calendar and will have this finalized shortly, however, major events are in place. Please reference the information below to help your planning.

2020-2021 Calendar Dates

- Upcoming Dates -

- Fall Parent Meeting: Thursday, August 20th at 6:00pm via WebEx

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