Panther Choir Newsletter 10/9

On Thursday of this week, our Panther Chorale had the amazing opportunity to meet with and chat with Dr. Troy Robertson. He composed the piece, In Meeting We Are Blessed, that all of our CHHS Choirs are currently learning. The piece discusses the meaning of friendship and being able to be with one another and what a gift that truly is. We feel that right now this idea is vitally important in our current climate. We are so impressed with how much our students (online or in person) have grown musically and how much they are still able to connect with one another despite the craziness that is our situation currently. We hope that all of our students realize what a gift it is for their directors to make music with them everyday.

- Choir Forms -

Thank you for your patience as we determined what forms and fees are needed for this year and our process for collecting them during hybrid learning. The CHHS Choir fee will remain at $55 for this school year. The choir fee helps to cover the cost of supplies such as our online learning packets, uniform pieces, and other activities of the program. Please note, that the district will not be collecting the Extra-Curricular Pay-to-Play fees that have traditionally been collected in Skyward. Please see the Registration Form below which will allow you to pay choir fees, upload and/or complete the required district forms, and purchase optional Booster memberships and choir merchandise.

*All forms are due by October 16th*

- Booster Membership and Benefit Options -

- Registration Form -

- Sing-Out -

The Panther Choirs are proud to present our first live performance of the year featuring our Ovation and Di Voce Jazz Choirs and soloists from our program. Sing-Out 2020 will take place at the Palace Theatre in downtown Grapevine. In order to meet state, county, and district safety procedures, the show will be ticketed using "seat buffering." You may purchase groups of tickets together for families or groups coming to the show together. When these seats are purchased, the system will automatically block out 2 seats to the left, right, in front, and behind the purchased seats in order to maintain proper social distancing in the venue.

All guests will be required to wear masks covering the mouth and nose for the duration of the performance per current Tarrant County and GCISD guidelines.

*Tickets will be sold for $5.00 each*

Tickets are now available at 

- Sing-Out Rehearsals -

If you are involved in one of our jazz ensembles, we have decided to hold a few after school rehearsals in order to have everyone together (online learners and in-person learners). We need this time to practice for the upcoming show. Below is the schedule for both Di Voce and Ovation. It is crucial that you make it to as many of the rehearsals as you can. If you are unable to make it to them please communicate that with us ahead of time.

Di Voce:

Tuesday, October 13th 4:15pm-5:30pm

Wednesday, October 14th 5:30pm-6:45pm


Tuesday, October 13th 5:30pm-6:45pm

Wednesday, October 14th 4:15pm-5:30pm

- All-State -

We will be receiving the cuts of music for the first round of auditions tomorrow morning at 10am. Mr. Rinn and Mr. Standish will be up at the school tomorrow (Saturday, October 10th) from 10:30am-2:00pm to help anyone who wants to rehearse the cuts. We will begin recording on Monday, October 12th (1:00pm-4:00pm). If you would like to come up to the school and record your audition material (which we highly recommend) we will be on campus to help with that process.

Below is the link for practice tracks for the All-State music. REMINDER: You will not have to sing Threads of Joy for the first round of auditions.

All-State Music Practice Tracks

2020-2021 Calendar Dates

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