Panther Choir Newsletter 9/11

We have enjoyed having our Singing Panthers back in the choir rooms this week. We know that things are hectic and everything feels so different for the students, but they are doing a phenomenal job adapting to the newness AGAIN. Our online learners are also doing an amazing job of being present during choir and actively participating and it does not go unnoticed.

- Class Schedule -

Here are the actual links for WebEx rooms:

Concert Tenor and Bass Choir -

Panther Chorale -

Concert Treble -

Choraliers -

Applied Music -

Di Voce -

Ovation -


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- Voice Lesson Forms -

Voice Lesson Policies

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- Sing-Out Auditions -

Sing Out is still happening (just a bit more virtual this year)! Auditions will be IN PERSON and held after school on September 24th, 4:15-6:15pm and September 25th, 4:15-5:15pm (these dates are on the Google calendar). We ask that the students prepare 1-2 minutes of any school appropriate song they wish to sing. They should also be able to provide their own accompaniment (whether that is a CD track or an instrument, etc.). We will send out an audition sign-up sheet next week.

* In order to remain safe and follow distancing protocol, we will have the kids auditioning one at a time in the large choir room where they will be spaced even further than six feet from us during their audition *

- All-State Sectionals -

After holding sectionals this week, we realized some things that may produce better results for our singers. We will be moving the sectional times from 4:15pm-5:15pm (we realize that 4pm marks the end of school, so we apologize for not giving some students time to get to campus).

Here are the sectional changes for the upcoming two weeks:

Sopranos and Altos will meet together on Tuesday, September 8th

Tenors and Basses will meet Thursday, September 10th

Sopranos and Altos on Monday, September 14th

Tenors and Basses on Tuesday, September 16th

All voice parts rehearse on Thursday, September 18th

*We will update the Google Calendar for the upcoming two weeks*

2020-2021 Calendar Dates

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