Week Two Update

We hope that your second week went well, Singing Panthers! There are a lot of updates and information within this newsletter including required forms, forms for voice lessons, and All-State Sectional information as well. We have began setting up our classrooms in a way that we are able to safely sing together once our musicians come back to school as you can see above. We greatly appreciate your students' perseverance during these times and their participation to the best of their abilities during class/rehearsals. They are doing their best and it does not go unnoticed. We commit to patience and grace in all things as we work through this together.

Choral music in a virtual environment presents specific challenges. At its core, choral music participation is a group, collaborative event. In order to support our students to be as successful as possible we have taken the following steps as of August.

Preparing the Choir Room for Virtual Learning

We have purchased sound equipment to improve the online learning experience for choir - We have professional microphones routed into our Webex and an external camera so that you are able to hear the directors singing, piano playing, recordings, and ultimately the other singers in the room.

Preparing Home for Virtual Learning

Students will be most successful when they have a dedicated place for learning. For choir, students may be asked to stand, move around, and will certainly sing. For many students, their confidence and comfort level in participating in choir without other singers around them will be a significant struggle. If possible, find a place where they can participate in choir in a private setting. It is a personal struggle for many students and adults to have someone else hear them sing alone. Work to create an encouraging environment and provide students privacy.

Preparing for the Return to School

Students that are planning on returning to school on September 8th, know that your choir directors have worked to make your choral experience as safe and normal as possible; we have taped the floor of both choir rooms to maintain six feet between singers, we will sing for 30 minute intervals with a 10-15 minute break between singing sessions, we have face shields for each students provided by GCISD that we will give them on their first day, and we have cleaning supplies that we will use to wipe down stands and chairs between classes.

- Class Schedules -

Here are the actual links for WebEx rooms:

Concert Tenor and Bass Choir - https://gcisd.webex.com/meet/nicholas.standish

Panther Chorale - https://gcisd.webex.com/meet/thomas.rinn

Concert Treble - https://gcisd.webex.com/meet/thomas.rinn

Choraliers - https://gcisd.webex.com/meet/nicholas.standish

Applied Music - https://gcisd.webex.com/meet/thomas.rinn

Di Voce - https://gcisd.webex.com/meet/nicholas.standish

Ovation - https://gcisd.webex.com/meet/thomas.rinn


GCISD Drug Consent

GCISD Extra-curricular and Co-Curricular Pledge

Handbook Acknowledgement (Coming Soon)

Field Trip Permission Form (Coming Soon)

Field Trip Emergency Form (Coming Soon)

Booster Club Membership and Choir Fee Payment Form (Coming Soon)

Choir Expense Contract/Waiver Request (Coming Soon)

- Voice Lesson Forms -

Voice Lesson Policies

Voice Lesson Enrollment Form

- All-State Process -

We have created an after-school All-State sectional calendar and have shared that with all of our students via their Canvas course. There is also an All-State Sectional Protocol document that we shared with them as well. In this form, we listed the ways that we are creating a safe singing space for these sectionals. If your student is participating in the All-State process, we highly recommend attending these sectionals (sectionals are available to students who will remain virtual even after September 8th). They are a great way to learn the music and have more individual attention from your directors.

*The dates and times of the sectionals are found on the CHS-Choir Events Google Calendar*

2020-2021 Calendar Dates

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