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2020 - 2021


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- Officer Executive Board -

The executive board consists of the choir president and up to four choir council representatives. Students holding these positions may also hold musical leadership positions within the choir program. Students that wish to hold one of these positions must complete an application and interview with the choral department staff.  A student body vote will be held as part of the selection process for these positions. The executive board holds regular meetings throughout the school year.


The choir president serves as coordinator of student officers and public liaison for the choir department and is responsible for scheduling and planning regular officer meetings, coordinating choir officer functions and fundraisers, and assisting the directors as needed. The Choir President serves as the student liaison to the Panther Choir Booster Club and is expected to attend all Booster Club Board meetings. 

Choir Council Representatives

The choir council consists of up to four officers that work with the president to plan events for the department and serve as student leaders at major events. Council representatives will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing other leadership positions that may include Class Representatives, Equipment Manager, Hair/Makeup Coordinator, etc.

- Leadership Team -

In addition to the executive board, a larger leadership team to include positions such as Class Representatives, Equipment Manager, Librarian,  and Hair/Makeup Coordinator will be chosen. These officers will report to an assigned Choir Council Representative and attend executive board meetings as needed. 

- Musical Leadership -

Musical leadership positions will be created in each ensemble as needed after audition results are posted. These positions are chosen through application with the directors and with the consideration of student input. Students in musical leadership positions may also serve in other officer positions on the leadership team. 

Student Director (student from Panther Chorale)

The student director serves as the leader of the musical leadership team and will assist the directors in the preparation of the choir for performance. This student should have strong musical skills and be comfortable leading the ensemble. Students interested in this position must interview with the directors and should be prepared to lead the choir in a brief rehearsal as an audition for the role. 

Section Leaders

Section leaders are used as an important tool in the instruction and learning of music. Section leaders need to be excellent musicians and also have the leadership skills to teach small groups of students. Students interested in being a section leader in their choir should apply with the directors. 

- Preparing for your Interview -

Schedule a 15 minute interview time with the choir staff using this link to Mr. Rinn's appointment calendar. Interviews are scheduled for Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28. If these dates should not work for some reason, please contact a director. You should dress professionally for your interview and be prepared to answer questions as well as presenting some new ideas. Please see the instructions at the top of the page for help on creating your resume. 

A primary goal of the Colleyville Heritage Panther Choirs is to foster student leaders. In cooperation with the choral department staff our student leaders play an important role in the success of the our ensembles. We take these positions very seriously and want only the best students in positions of leadership. The choir officers should serve as examples to all students in the department through their daily actions, rehearsal etiquette, attitude, and involvement in the program. First and foremost it is expected that leaders in the Panther Choir embody the virtues of our program. The selection process for student leaders in the Panther Choir varies depending on the position desired. Executive board members and the student director must apply and interview for the positions.

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