Private Voice Lessons


It is the goal of the CHHS Panther Choir to provide exceptional learning experiences for every student enrolled in our program. One way in which we realize this goal is through the GCISD Private Music Instruction Program. The Private Music Program serves a two-fold purpose. First, it allows interested students to receive individualized musical training. Secondly, it improves the performance level of the individual student and positively impacts the organization. By choosing to participate in this program, students will receive high quality, individualized instruction from degreed professionals through which they will develop an even greater understanding of healthy singing and performance habits. Students enrolled in voice lessons through this program will benefit from extra educational opportunities including solo performances and master classes throughout the year. 


We take every possible measure to ensure that the voice staff on our campus is of the highest standard. The voice teachers teaching in the Supplemental Music Program are degreed professionals chosen because of their proven record of success with young singers, exceptional training, and professionalism. The voice staff is a integral part of the educational team in the CHHS Panther Choirs.  

Participation in CHHS Panther Choir Private Music Instruction requires an understanding of the following: 



1. Students will be on time for all lessons.

2. Students commit themselves to consistent practice and to arrive fully prepared for each lesson.

3. Students will follow guidelines pertaining to absenteeism. (see also, Lesson Location and Scheduling)

4. Students will supply method books and other materials as required by the supplemental music instructor.

5. Students will meet criteria for student participation in the program (i.e. recitals, auditions, etc.). 



1. Submit monthly payments of $20 per lesson to the instructor by the first lesson of each billing cycle. (see also, Financial Matters) 

2. Encourage the student to practice daily

3. Provide reassurance and encouragement to the student regarding recitals, auditions, etc.



For at least the Fall semester, voice lessons will be taught virtually. Our voice teachers use their preferred method for this (most prefer Zoom). The private voice lesson contract will require an agreement for the teacher to teach the student via their preferred web platform. 


While in virtual lessons students may choose to take lessons from home or at school


At School Lessons

In order to provide the best environment possible for lessons, students may take lessons in our facilities at CHHS using the following guidelines. 

  1. Student lessons will be taught virtually in the CHHS Choir Room or practice facilities using our equipment. Voice teachers will teach remotely. 

  2. Only one student will be allowed in practice rooms at a time.

  3. Lessons will not be scheduled consecutively in the same room giving each room time to circulate air  between lessons. 

  4. All GCISD campus safety precautions must be adhered to when on campus. Students can sing without a mask/face shield while alone in the practice rooms for lessons. 

  5. Students enrolled in “in-person” school may schedule lessons during their choir class pending availability and approval of the directors. 

  6. Both in-person and online students may schedule lessons before or after-school using the CHHS Practice Facility.



Students must contact voice instructors (not the choir director) at least 24 hours in advance should they need to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Informing instructors in this manner will allow them time to make necessary adjustments to teaching and travel schedules to best serve all of their students. If a lesson is missed/cancelled without a full 24 hours’ notice, students forfeit their lesson time for the week, unless, of course, a serious emergency arises. If a student’s lesson falls on a school holiday, with the exceptions of major school breaks, every effort will be made to make up the lesson in the same week. Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be made up when the instructor returns (within the same billing period) or a credit will be issued on the student’s account.  



To enroll your student in voice lessons, complete the information on the online registration form. Students must maintain participation in the CHHS Choir Program to be enrolled in lessons. Lessons will be scheduled on a first-returned, first-scheduled basis. Lessons are not a pre-requisite for membership in any organization.



The cost of Private Voice lessons is $20 per thirty minute lesson. For a typical 4-week month, the approximate rate for lessons is $80.  Monthly tuition rates will vary depending on the actual length of the pay period and the number of lessons taken. Students will also be responsible for any materials and/or accompanist fees associated with studio and competition performances.


Full monthly payments are due prior to the first lesson of each billing cycle. All payments will be made directly to the student’s instructor and can be made via cash, check, or electronically. No lessons are given on credit and no postdated checks are accepted. Any returned checks must be reimbursed with added fees.  Please read the cancellation policy carefully to avoid paying for missed lessons. Additionally, please note that any late tuition payment made after the 15th of each month will incur a late fee of $10.00, which will be added to the invoice. Students who are more than 2 weeks (2 lessons) behind on payment are subject to dismissal from the Voice Music Program.



The CHHS Panther Choir Booster Club is happy to provide financial assistance that offsets the cost of private voice lessons. All scholarship awards are based on both merit and need.  The scholarship application should be submitted to the choir office as early as possible as applications are processed as they are received.  A student who meets the requirements may apply for a partial scholarship to offset the tuition cost of Private Voice Lessons. Need-based financial assistance necessary for enrollment in private voice lessons is distributed in the order in which applications are received and approved. Scholarship will only be granted for teachers teaching on the CHHS Campus through the GCISD Private Lesson Program.  Students receiving financial assistance must commit to doing the following: 

  • Students must maintain exemplary attendance for all scheduled Panther Choir Department rehearsals both in and out of school. 

  • Students receiving financial aid must remain academically eligible and are expected to fully participate in all concerts, recitals and contests sponsored by the CHHS Panther Choirs, including, but not limited to: Texas All-State Choir Auditions, Region/District Choir Clinic and Concerts, UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest, and all department recitals.

  • Students receiving financial assistance are expected to participate in all department fundraisers. A parent booster club membership does not exempt students from this requirement. 

  • Students must understand that lessons cancelled outside of the guidelines set forth in the Music Enrichment Program policies will become the financial responsibility of the student.  

  • Failure to adhere to the requirements for the receipt of financial aid may result in the reduction or elimination of a student’s financial aid award.




Enrollment Form

Voice Lesson Financial Aid Application