Private Voice Lessons


It is the goal of the CHHS Panther Choir to provide exceptional learning experiences for every student enrolled in our program. One way in which we realizes this goal is through the GCISD Supplementary Music Program. The Supplementary Music Program serves a two-fold purpose. First, it allows interested students to receive individualized musical training. Secondly, it improves the performance level of the individual student, positively impacting the organization in which the student participates. By choosing to participate in this Program, students will receive high quality, individualized instruction from degreed professionals through which they will develop an even greater understanding of healthy singing and performance habits. Students enrolled in voice lessons through this program will benefit from extra educational opportunities including solo performances and master classes throughout the year. 



We take every possible measure to ensure that the voice staff on our campus is of the highest standard. The voice teachers teaching in the Supplemental Music Program are degreed professionals chosen because of their proven record of success with young singers, exceptional training, and professionalism. The voice staff is a integral part of the educational team in the CHHS Panther Choirs.  



There are currently three teachers accepting new students at CHHS, Mrs. Miranda Benham, and Mr. Michael Rausch. Should demand exceed their availability we will continue to add voice staff to our program. Please see our STAFF page to learn more about them.



The documents availble on this page provide all information concerning enrollment in the Supplementary Music Program. In order to enroll in private voice instruction please do the following:

1. Download the Voice Lesson Information Document and Read it

2. Open the Voice Lesson Enrollment Form and  print and return to Mrs. Massey



A limited amount of Financial Assistance is available via the Panther Choir Booster Club. Information concerning application is available on this page. If you wish to apply for financial assistance it should be done via the electronic form included in the information.




Voice Lesson Information &

Enrollment Form

Voice Lesson Financial Aid Application