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9/29 Newsletter

Tonight is the Red Rail Rivalry Game! Chorale students will need to meet in the GHS Choir Room (located on the back side of the school - the door is pretty clearly marked) at 5:00 pm for rehearsal. At 5:30 they will be served dinner, and at 6 they will either take the shuttle or walk to the stadium. For parents and students attending the game: please remember that GCISD has instituted a clear bag policy - any bags brought in must be see-through, and that no food or drinks are allowed into the stadium.

During the month of October, the calendar fundraiser will be going on! This is honestly one of the easiest fundraisers to do. Parents, post the above image on your social media and explain that people choose a day and donate that amount (Oct. 5 would be a $5 donation) - and update the image every couple of days so people know which days have already been taken. If every day gets selected, it will total $496! (The coolest part is that people can donate more than the number they select if they so choose). Please let Mr. Rodgers and Mrs. McConnell know how they can help you out with this! Top 3 earners will receive gift cards of their choice!

Please join our new Facebook group! Search up Colleyville Heritage Choirs (the group photo and name are pictured above), and join. There will be a couple of questions you'll have to answer. This will be a great place to post pictures and concert recordings, as well as ask questions, etc.


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